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In Vedic astrology, energy is represented by the planet Mars. And this red celestial body is finally going forward on May 2oth, after months of retrograde motion that started at the beginning of March.

If you have felt your resolve wavering at the thought of heading to the gym or have been eating too many sweets lately, you can definitely attribute all this to a weaker retrograde Mars.

Also, Mars rules courage and action. You can now find the strength to defend your principles and take action to implement your new ideas.

While the planets are innocent and their positive or negative influence on us is entirely due to our karmic inclinations and our level of consciousness, there is much we can all do to improve our lives by making the best of the planetary alignments.

Here are some guidelines for flowing with Mars’ renewed strength: 

  • Enjoy more frequent workouts to welcome the return of your self-discipline. Mars’ energy will also make you look fit and young.

  • Take care of your health. Mars is in Virgo, a sign that has a healing gift because it loves herbs and natural remedies.

  • Reorganize your office. Virgo is detail-oriented and loves order and cleanliness. Being a sign ruled by Mercury, Virgo likes it when all your files are in their right place and neatly aligned.

  • Choose your words with care. Mars in Virgo could make your speech a bit hasty and aggressive. Choose diplomacy when possible.

On the contrary, don’t hesitate to speak up courageously if you see a blatant injustice.

Mars rules courage and it will be 100 per cent at your side if you stand up for your most cherished values.

Enjoy the energies.





by Lalitha Devi

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