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On June 1st, Dr. Pillai is launching the first Golden Age Global Forum. Join him as he discusses the future of the Earth plane…


“As we go along into the future, we will see a lot of changes happening in this world.

The world will become more and more into understanding The Golden Age which is the Age of Peace, Happiness, and Evolution.

A Phenomenological Approach

My orientation to this program is going to be from the point of view of a Scholar-Mystic and a Phenomenologist of Religion.

A Phenomenologist is one who looks at religion or mysticism in its own terms without reducing it to social sciences like anthropology, sociology or material sciences. But something that is wholly the other… a phenomenon, a miracle, so it is a study of the miracle.

That alone is going to change the state of affairs here and bring in the Golden Age.

A Global Shift in Consciousness

The Golden Age is not going to be brought in by any change in our economic policy or economic development, or our changes in other areas of life.

It is going to be a complete change of consciousness or orientation.

This will happen only through the participation of The Divine into the world.

Multiple Perspectives on the Golden Age

I will review the literature that has come down to us from Masters who have been talking about it, both contemporary, and also I will go to the ancient ones.

We will start with the contemporary Masters.

For June 1st I will select two of the Masters who have been talking about the Golden Age, one from the East and one from the West.

From the East I will select Amma Bhagavan, who has gained a lot of traction as far as this Golden Age Movement is concerned with hundreds of millions of followers as his website has been documenting it.

From the West, I will talk about the teachings of Ramtha. Ramtha is a 35,000 year old Enlightened Master channeled by J.Z. Knight.

Both of them give very interesting perspectives of The Golden Age, and both of them have attracted a lot of followers.

The Golden Age Global Forum


The entire program will be to promote the Golden Age and encourage people to stay positive and to expect the Golden Age to happen so that there will be a very conducive and positive environment to do that.

I’m going to look at the literature from these two Masters strictly from the point of view of Phenomenology and help people to understand it better so that we will know that this phenomenon is a possibility for everyone for the evolution of the human race, for the evolution of the planet.”

– Dr. Pillai

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