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Dr. Pillai announces a new Golden Age Global Forum starting June 1, 2014 …

“In human life, everyone wants so many things to live this life… material things like money, home, car, and a job to support these material needs including food and clothes.

But in most cases the money is not enough to cover all of the expenses.

Everyone is frustrated.

Everyone wants to find an answer to why there is so much struggle.

Even the body is a problem because it is subjected to pain, diseases, discomfort.

There are many mechanisms through which people want to deal with this.

They read books and try to find answers for why there is suffering. Do seminars to make more money, or to pick up more skills that can give you more money. They read self-help books to find answers for these questions.

But time and again, you are back to the same place where you started.

The sufferings keep existing and you keep struggling.

The struggle never ends until you discard the body through death and one does not know what will happen after death.

At least that seems to be a cessation of pain.

The most powerful distraction that people embrace is reading a novel, going to movies, or talking to friends. It is a stress management technique so that you forget about your problems and you are distracted. Movies, whether you see it on the TV or at the theater, play a big role.

A better role is going to God and through meditation, but only a few people do that.

It is a better option in many ways because meditation can heal the body, open up the brain.

This is certainly of all of the options that are available, the best one. This is why people go to churches, Gurus, Gods, and so forth.

In the Golden Age we have to encourage this.

That’s the reason I’m doing this Golden Age Forum.

All humanity joins together and prays to God and that’s how we are going to bring in the Golden Age.

God here will not be defined as a particular God, belonging to a particular religion, but all Gods are included, all Gurus are included, all teachers are included.

God Bless.”

– Dr. Pillai

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