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Namaste everyone!

The message for the this week–and always–is “Everything is about Time!” Time is money and Time is energy and it is those two things that impact how we see and indeed, how we live our lives. Sucharita reminds us that once we start paying attentions to the time shaktis, we will be able to fend off difficulties before they happen or at the very least, we will be able to prepare ourselves to handle any problems that arise.

For example, Venus is leaving Pisces, a sign in which he is exalted, and entering Aries where he is not so happy. It is comparable to a situation where we know a road may be closed for construction. There are signs on the road that tell us when and where the construction will be. Do we get mad? No! We plan according. We take the precaution of taking alternate routes so we don’t get stuck in traffic.

Tuesday, Venus is transiting into Aries and will remain there for approximately a month. Strange things may come out of our mouths, things we may not even mean to say. We may want to overspend and eat lavishly because Venus is a planet of luxury and when he is passing through a sign where he’s not comfortable, he may cause us problems in those areas. But we have now been warned so we can take our precautions.

And what are those precautions? Appease the time shaktis, deities, and planets involved by doing virtual poojas on your smart phone app or on AstroVed. CLICK HERE for these free and effective tools. Chant and burn incense for Venus and the overlord Lakshmi.

Tips to help us through possibly rough times include: Write down your intentions, watch your budget and your diet. And Listen to your conscience… you know, the little angel that sits on your shoulder, fighting with the little devil on the other shoulder? I remember Micky Mouse’s friend Goofy had an episode where the little devil and angel on his shoulders are fighting to get his attention. How apropos his name was Goofy! So lets not be Goofy, and listen to the angels.

Sucharita tell us that the planets are celestial bodies beaming down light on us, affecting us in every aspect of our lives, so we must pay attention to them. Today is the 13th moon which means it is Pradosham. In India the 13th moon falls on Monday, so it is called Soma Pradosham. This is a very auspicious time for Siva and a great time for karma removal. There is actually a Pradosham that occurs every day during the 1.5 hour period before sunset. This is the time to do the rituals that destroy karma: Lemon, lime and coconut rolling and hydrating a crystal Sivalingam with whole milk, juice and water. Read about that RIGHT HERE.

Our mediation today was focused on Venus as well as karma removal. We filled our astral bodies with light and merged with the Goddess Lakshmi! This was a powerful meditation so be sure to listen to the call on the Sundays with Sucharita Blog and do that meditation practice throughout the month during Venus Horas. Check the panchang on the AstroVed site HERE or on your smart phone to see when they occur. A beeping calendar alert helps me to remember all sorts of time shaktis during my day.

During the Community Sharing we were reminded that the mantra for Venus is “Om Shukraya namaha” but better yet, why not chant to the overlord of Venus, Lakshmi, whose chant is “Shreem Brzee“. Shreem brzee will give you direction and clarity and gets you out of all sorts of difficult situations. You’ll be saved by the bell, so to speak! If you find yourself saying or doing something negative, just clean up that mess by saying Shreem Brzee and move on. If you spill something, you don’t just leave it there on the floor and walk away. No, you clean it up first and then forget about it. Another listener requested that Sucharita go over the Samyama practice which is a combined practice of Dharana (concentration), Dhyana (meditation) and Samadhi (union). Dr. Pillai has recently taught this practice on the Basic Master Class. You can read Dr. Pillai’s description of the process RIGHT HERE. Another listener said something that really struck a chord with me. She said that when we are asking the Divine for something and we don’t think we are getting an answer, maybe the Divine actually IS giving it to us, but not in the way that we expect it. So pay attention to what you are receiving and be grateful for whatever comes your way in whatever form it may take.

One last important time shakti was mentioned in the call. The New Moon is coming up on Wednesday and that is the time that our ancestors are closest to the Earth plane. This is a terrific time to honor the ancestors by doing Tarpanam rituals. CLICK HERE for video instructions. Ancestors need to be nourished and healed and then they can bless us. This is something that I don’t pretend to understand how it works, but I have faith that it does work and I do it religiously (No pun intended!)

Have a great week, chanting to Lakshmi, feeding the ancestors and continuing to “bust your karma!”

Love, Yagna

Sundays with Sucharita Support Team Member

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