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Dr. Pillai explains Patanjali’s methodology for acquiring Siddhi powers…


There is a specific meditation that he teaches in order to acquire supernormal powers. This meditation is called Samyama. Samyama is a technique in which there are three steps.

Step 1: Concentration

The first step is Concentration. You just pick up an object for concentration. It can be a house or a person. Then go on concentrating on that person or on that object. It can be done also within a particular part in the body, maybe a liver that has gone bad, or it can be on a chakra if you are a yogi wanting to strengthen the chakra or get more information on the chakra. Or it can be on the Third Eye, if you want to know more about the Third Eye. So concentration on that object, whether it is a person outside or an internal organ and that is step number one, Concentration.

Step 2: Meditation

Step two is Meditation. You just meditate on that particular object, or person, or bodily organ that you have chosen as your concentration. How does concentration differ from meditation? Meditation is an added concentration meaning that in meditation you make a lot more effort and allow the mind to remain on the object of concentration. You disallow all of the other thoughts except this thought. So the difference between the concentration is only a matter of degree of concentration.

Concentration is preliminary and when you progress in your concentration it becomes a meditation because it is more focused and plus you disallow all other thoughts.

Step 3: Samadhi

The third stage is called Samadhi in Sanskrit which is trance in English. Trance is not the right translation, but that’s the English word that I can think of. You are not anymore in the ‘I’ Consciousness. You have lost your ‘I’ Consciousness. You don’t think that you are existing. Then what is existing at this point is only the object of concentration is there. You are not there. Only the object is there and that is trance or Samadhi.

Samyama for Siddhi Powers


So you have Concentration, Meditation, and Trance. Dharana, Dhyan, and Samadhi. Patanjali says you have to combine all three in one technique called the Samyama.

Samyama is a meditation in which you combine all three. What he means by that is you are concentrating on an object. You are meditating on an object in stage 2. In stage 3 you have become the object itself, or only the object exists and you don’t exist.

When you are involved in all the three—concentration, meditation, and only experiencing the object—Samyama will reveal the multitude, the many aspects of the object concentrated on.

Let me explain this more clearly. When you are concentrating on an object you will only know certain things about the object because your understanding is linear. You won’t know the whole history and meaning of that object.

For instance, if it’s an object you may know the form of the object or the name of the object, or the biochemistry, or the biophysics, or the crystal nature of the object. Whatever it is, you can go and dissect it and look at it.

In Samyama you will know everything about the object at one stroke because Samyama takes you to that space of omniscience where Samyama is no longer concentrating on the linear nature of the object. Linearity disappears and the omniscience that dawns on you reveals the object in its totality.

Patanjali gives this technique out of his compassion for the human beings who are just stuck in a state of mind that is ignorant. His whole object is to develop omniscient mind so that we can be in freedom and not in bondage.

– Dr. Pillai

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