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The Sun entered Taurus on May 14th and will be there until June 15th, 2014. The Sun is our soul, royal consciousness, activity, and signifies the father. During the next month, the Sun will be lighting up Taurus, the natural 2nd house of the zodiac.

Taurus is called Vrishaba in Sanskrit. It is a grounded and luxury loving sign that has to do with the arts, beauty, and accumulating wealth. Taurus’ symbol is a bull, which is a very grounded animal with all four feet firmly on the Earth. There is a statue of a bull on Wall Street in New York, and when the stock market goes up, we call it a bull market.

Last month, the exalted Sun in Aries gave us a tremendous amount of energy for purification and starting new ventures. Now with the Sun in Taurus, it’s time to manifest! It’s a time to focus on creating beauty, loving relationships, and increased income.

Taurus is ruled by Venus, a Planet of beauty, love and devotion, wealth, the arts, and pleasure. Venus helps us evaluate the true value of things–in terms of time, money and energy. Until Friday, May 23rd, Venus is still exalted and at full power in Pisces. Exalted Venus is giving the world a lot of energy for creating better relationships and more wealth.

Sun in Taurus can generate uplifting energies of discovering the beauty and artistry of life. You can increase your stamina and be fixed in your purpose. Taurus, the natural 2nd house is associated with the income we need for everyday expenses, food & eating, and speech. This month would be a good time to improve your diet and your money management/financial skills. Avoid impulsive spending, eating too much, and speaking without thinking. You may want to improve your public speaking skills, sing, or speak up to get what you really want. Take action toward creating more income.

This Monday, May 19th (PDT) will be a 6th Waning Moon, the power time for Mars and his overlord, Muruga.

Tuesday, May 20th and Wednesday, May 21st look to be powerhouse days for Timeline Jumping and wealth manifestation. The 8th Waning Moon starts Tuesday evening and goes through most of Wednesday. This is the most powerful day each month for Kala Bhairava, the God of Time. This particular date relates to Kala Bhairava in his Swarna Akarshana Bhairava form that can bless you with gold and material wealth. The birthstar will be Dhanishta, ruled by Mars and Muruga. Dhanishta is a star of manifesting wealth, fame, and immaculate timing. Adding to the energy, Tuesday itself is ruled by Mars and the Pleiadian God Muruga. Mars is a planet of courage, taking action, problem-solving, fire, and energy.

Dr. Pillai has been teaching about Timeline Jumping during his recent Masterclass. The upcoming 8th Waning Moon Day would be a great time to revisit those teachings, which are available on Pillai Center’s YouTube channel (Click Here). A great way to connect to Kala Bhairava and eliminate procrastination and wasting time is to chant his mantra, Udyamo Bhairava. If you can, feed a dog who needs food or help the local dog rescue/SPCA. Dogs are Kala Bhairava’s vehicle. You can learn more about Kala Bhairava rituals at Astroved HERE.

Thursday is another important day. Mercury will become strong as he transits into his own sign, Gemini. Mercury is a planet of communication, business, thinking, analyzing and astrology. Gemini is the sign that contains the greatest range of different energies.

Thursday is the day ruled by Jupiter, who is the Guru or spiritual teacher. Jupiter is the 200% Planet–he gives 100% material blessings and 100% spiritual blessings. The birthstar will be Purva Bhadrapada, Dr Pillai’s own birthstar, which also happens to be ruled by Jupiter. Later in the day, the Moon phase will be the 10th Waning Moon, which also relates to Jupiter. It looks to be an excellent day for increasing your connection to Dr Pillai, and embodying spiritual teachings and overall optimism.

Interestingly, in exactly one month, Jupiter will be transiting into Cancer and becoming exalted. The Moon will again be in Dr Pillai’s birthstar, Purva Bhadrapada. Exalted Jupiter along with exalted Saturn is the powerful transit for bringing in the Golden Age, and in preparation, it looks like Jupiter is ramping up his energy this Thursday.

Venus is exalted in Pisces until he enters Aries on Friday, May 23rd. Friday is ruled by Venus and Goddess Lakshmi. Later in the day, it will be the 11th Moon phase, which is Vishnu’s power time. Lakshmi is Vishnu’s consort. Every 11th Moon is an opportunity to strengthen your connection to Vishnu’s wealth and healing blessings. Venus in Aries could give you the ability to take action towards achieving your financial goals quickly.

Enjoy the time energies this week!

Love & Light, Radha

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