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We all know that astrology can be like the weather, making it necessary for us to be prepared for easy or not-so-easy conditions. However, with a simple road map showing us the necessary steps, we can tap into a wealth of planetary support. And this is particularly true in May as we find that the planets’ placements can help us to secure some substantial material comforts and goods.

The current waning Moon cycle indicates a need for self-reflection and planning for future projects. It isn’t usually an ideal time to start a new venture. Additionally, the Sun is now in Taurus and a bit dimmer—issues of self-esteem could arise.

But here’s the catch—Venus and Saturn, planets of happiness, wealth and career can turn this into an exceptional time for lasting financial gains. Also Mercury, planet of business and cash money is in a friendly sign in Taurus.

So, here is what to do to make the best of the available planetary rays in the second half of this month.


  1. Take time to write down your material goals.

  3. Identify any negative thoughts you might be holding against beauty and luxury. Replace those thoughts with a statement that beauty and luxury are also divine and that you are accepting them in your life.

  5. Utter (mentally or aloud) the most powerful sound waves to create wealth and beauty in your life: SHREEM BRZEE (repeat them at least 108 times).

  7. To increase self-esteem, repeat many times daily that you are “pure and divine.” This is a time-tested yogic technique to eliminate the chance of self-sabotage through subconscious negativity about your character or your standing in society.

  9. Take some time for charitable work. There is now scientific evidence that giving to the less fortunate leads to true happiness, as researchers in the Interdisciplinary Program for Empathy and Altruism Research (iPEARlab.org) have proved. And, we know that happiness also increases health and longevity.

Enjoy the energies.



by Lalitha Devi

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