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A true master seeks a permanent solution to the problems of the physical body.

Beyond the physical body and the harsh reality of aging, pain, disease, and death there is the Light Body.

The Light Body is our true nature.

We are Infinite Light, that cannot be restricted by the limitation of the physical body.


Dr. Pillai is an Enlightened Master and Spiritual Guru to thousands around the world. He is a spiritual scientist and research scholar specializing in the Phenomenology of Religion. The Light Body Enhanced program combines all aspects of Dr. Pillai’s unique expression to create a course curriculum unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

Dr. Pillai has worked lifetimes to develop the means to share the truth of the Light Body with the world. It is not a fantasy… it is possible and has been attained by many great souls who even now are available to help with your transformation.

“Every time I came to the Earth plane I wanted every human being to remember that they are not just flesh and blood, but they are pure light and bliss unlimited.”

The Light Body is Dr. Pillai’s self-professed passion and the purpose for his incarnation on Earth during this most opportune time, the dawn of the Golden Age.

The Light Body is not a philosophy that denies existence. It is an Intensely Spiritual and Intensely Material approach to Reality that empowers you to live 200% Life!

“God is not Poor.”

Humanity, having been made in God’s image, is not condemned to suffering, bad health or poverty. It is within the reach of every individual to recognize the power within and reclaim their Divine birthright—Heaven on Earth.

“The value of the program lies in 50% of your personal effort and 50% of results will come from corrective rituals done on your behalf on a daily basis.”

The Light Body Enhanced Program is not like any spiritual retreat or workshop. This is a commitment to receive personalized teachings and guidance from Dr. Pillai tantamount to an intensive year-long university course.

Your commitment is essential. The Light Body Enhanced Program is not for everyone but for those dedicated to changing their lives and taking control of their destinies.


If the details of Dr. Pillai’s Light Body Enhanced program are calling YOU to take action toward the next step in your personal evolution, SECURE YOUR SPACE before this Thursday, May 15 to take advantage of “early bird” pricing.

*** Please Note: If this program sounds absolutely right for you yet you find yourself wondering how you can afford it — please contact us at office@pillaicenter.com — we are happy to work with you! ***

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