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There is great power within every human being. Can you imagine what kind of world we can co-create as we unlock incredble new ways to express Divine love and compassion?

Like Patanjali, the Father of Yoga, Dr. Pillai has encouraged us to explore our deepest potentionals. Not to look upon the claims of the Siddhas with disbelief or shun them as un-Spiritual. He encourages humanity to consider the unlimited possibilites available to us when we embrace the next step in our conscious evolution…

Supernormal Powers

What we are going to do is to understand the connection between mind and matter. We are going to understand where, and at what level, mind and matter collapse.

They collapse at the Quantum Level.

At the Quantum Level, mind loses its identity. Matter loses its identity. Then you can go back and forth very easily and create whatever you want to create.

Siddhi means the ability to do Miracles, Siddhi Power. Everybody has access to it. The only thing is you have to have the knowledge.

I’m here to provide you that knowledge.

Patanjali’s Consciousness

What is my relationship with Patanjali?

You know, even when I was seven to eight years old, I was born in Rameshwaram and I used to go and sit at Patanjali’s Samadhi which was in the Temple. I did not know why I was doing that because I was seven to eight years old. I used to go there every day and literally sit there. How can a seven or eight year old boy understand the complex teachings of Patanjali?

What was driving me there was my past life as Patanjali, which was revealed to me in many Nadi Readings. But I didn’t take them seriously.

But when it became so real to me was only about a couple of months ago when I was visiting a Siddha and he said Patanjali is getting into your body.

I again went to the Samadhi of Patanjali and I began to have a better understanding of it and to know what Patanjali was really doing with his Sutras.

The power lies in understanding the sounds that he uses.

Pure Secrets of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras

I’m going to teach the course in Sanskrit because unless you teach this course in Sanskrit it’s not going to work.

So when it comes to giving you the secrets, it will all be given in Sanskrit and I will train you. That’s part of the program. If you give it in English it’s not going to work because English has been created for a different purpose. Sanskrit itself means that which has been perfected. Sanskritam, which means that which has been perfected.

It’s a perfected language.

A Common Goal for Humanity

The reason why I am connected with him is because I and Patanjali have the same goal. What is the goal?

The people should not have suffering at all.

The purpose of yoga is to have a pain free life, pain on the level of the body, pain on the level of the mind. The body should not have any diseases, and the mind should not have any ignorance, and that is all the program is about.

Unlimited Power Awaits

We can almost reverse everything that we have created through our own ignorance, whether it is a disease, or a financial problem, or a relationship problem.

Everything is reversible.

Then only can we call ourselves enlightened.

There is nothing hidden from our view. There is nothing that we cannot do.

We can do everything.

All in Your Mind

powers_in_your_mind_2The key is how to create a thought within you that is very powerful and then manifest it.

Patanjali is all about thought manifestation.

There is only one reality and that reality is thought reality. You have to be very, very careful about what you think and how you think because if you know the dynamics of creating a powerful thought, then you can manifest that thought.

The important thing is you’ve got to get beyond the negative mind the doubtful mind, which is a monkey mind which thinks something now and later on something else and then something later on.

So we cannot go on and really depend on this mind. Unfortunately we all know only about this mind. All of our education is centered around developing the mind. Nobody teaches how to get beyond the mind, beyond mind, and beyond time, because Time and Mind are one and the same. So we have to have that education and that is what I’m providing you.

Patanjali, the Father of Yoga, is an authority on this. He knows how you can manipulate your consciousness to have powerful thoughts and these thoughts can become reality. So he is, in fact, a master of thought manifestation.

– Dr. Pillai

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