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Reinvented Technology Gifted from the Sages and Crafted for Everyone

Nambu Herbs is a division of Nambu Botanicals dedicated to Conscious Herbal Healthcare. As a team, we work with a group of modern day mystics; chemists and spiritual scientists, who hail from an evolving scientific tradition 1000 years old. They’re called Siddha Masters. With Siddha technology our herbal blends are infused with powerful health frequencies. We select herbs and sounds that are revered by the mystical and scientific communities alike for their potential to remedy and evolve your physical body, subtle body and mind too. Made in the USA, we designed our herbal supplements to be safe and at the same time, potent evolving agents for our minds and bodies.

Enlightenment Formula

Herbs for Enlightenment
Eclipta Alba is a secret herb used by many Saints and Siddha’s to find ecstatic levels of awareness. This unique sound-infused formula connects you to your own deep source of intelligence through the crown chakra- an energy center on the very tippy-top of your head. Eclipta Alba has been rumored to remove karma by simply changing the thoughts of the herb-taker! As a liver protector, the Enlightenment Formula works overtime by turning fat into energy, detoxifying chemicals and getting rid of old blood cells. Additionally, the formula purifies your skin and hair resulting in an outer glow. Why not help the largest gland in your body and promote beautiful skin and hair too!

Eclipta Alba research studies have linked this herb to help with:

  • • Improves memory & concentration
  • • Sharpens awareness & capacity for judgement
  • • Improves meditation
  • • Reveals a higher state of consciousness
  • • Calms the mind from excessive activity
  • • Promotes better sleep
  • • Reduces systolic blood pressure
  • • Gentle elimination of liver toxins

Hi-Health Formula

Herbs for Enlightenment
Say “Buh-Bye” to painful joint inflammation, puffy eyes, face and legs with Hi-Health Formula. Tumeric, Hi-Health’s potent ingredient, has been used for thousands of years as a natural remedy for pain relief, inflammation and amazing anti-oxidant benefits. The “Golden Goddess” herb loaded with powerful phytonutrients, known as curcuminoids, improves the health of cell membranes, making us more resistant to serious infection and disease. Helps give relief from annoying digestive and skin problems. These days, it’s hard to eat right. Beyond anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits, Hi-Health helps to regulate metabolism, rid the body of nasty toxins, improves cardiovascular health.

Turmeric research studies have linked this herb root powder to Health Support:

  • • Provides powerful free-radical fighting anti-oxidants
  • • Maintains the health of brain cells
  • • Prevents cognitive decline
  • • Promotes healthy liver function
  • • Boosts self-esteem, confidence and self-trust
  • • Promotes positive mindset

Hi-Memory Formula

Herbs for Enlightenment
Bacopa also known as Brahmi, literally means the “energy responsible for all creative forces in the world”. This herb has big boots to fill and does it easily! Highly studied, it enhances clear thinking, learning and supports memory functions. Stimulating vital neurotransmitters which process information, the herb is known as the darling of nootropics. How does Hi- Memory support health? Hi Memory contains active constituents called bacosides, which have been clinically studied for their potential effects on cognitive health. Bacopa provides antioxidant protection for critical memory centers and helps to reduce the effects of stress on the brain.

Bacopa research studies have linked this herb to help with:

  • Improves memory
  • Combats stress
  • Supports brain health
  • Supports the mind & intellect
  • Improves energy, focus & mood
  • Enhances cognitive learning
  • Fights free radicals

Love and Grace

Herbs for Enlightenment
“Holy Basil known as Tulsi, combats the body’s negative reaction to stress. As a powerful powerful adaptogen (herbal ingredient), the herb lowers cortisol, a chemical in the adrenals. Tulsi, goes beyond stress to fight anxiety, the emotion that arises with stress. Formulated for the Heart Chakra, Tulsi, nurtures and protects this area of our chest by relieving congestion and kicks mucus out of lungs. The natural presence of magnesium keeps arteries healthy, thereby improving blood flow and oxygen in the body. The potassium present in it helps maintain blood pressure. Ongoing research is also discovering that Tulsi supports healthy glucose metabolism. Regular consumption of Tulsi has shown to assist in the detoxification from environmental chemicals, including radiation.”

Holy Basil research studies have linked this herb to Health Support:

  • Natural stress relief
  • Promotes a healthy inflammatory response
  • Nourishes emotional well-being
  • Supports immune system
  • Naturally stimulates libido
  • Opens Heart chakra to give and receive loveSupports healthy glucose metabolism
  • Promotes healthy, loving relationships and abundance


Enlightenment Formula is the most comprehensive and effective supplement that i’ve used. When I use it consistently it does a better job of aiding my clarity of thought, physical energy levels and reduction of anxiety better than other vitamins, physical exercise or food intake.

~ Chantel, Wife, Mother of 3, PMO Manager

When I take Enlightenment Formula it activates my brain chakra. A whole new consciousness is available!

~ Anna, Customer Support Manager, Age 34

Loving the enlightenment formula. Everyone remarks on the glow of my skin and general light in my face. I feel my meditations so much deeper. Feeling so peaceful and less anxious.

~ Sita, Medical Practice Manager

I feel fulfilled in my teaching career at this time. Now I am into Herbs discovered by the siddha yoga center for Enlightenment.

~ Dr. Pillai

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