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Gina: Hello everyone, and welcome, Thank-you so much for joining. I love doing these Monthly Free Tele-classes, and I’m so happy when you are able to join in. My name is Gina, or Jai Radha is my spiritual name, and I go by either one. So Thanks for tuning in. How the Call will go today, I will give you an overview of the Month of October, and why it is so incredible, and literally has the ability to change our lives forever. I have been so excited about October, I couldn’t resist having this Call, as well as, creating a Coaching Program that I started only last week, so you can actually still join that if you’d like to. We are going into more detail in the Coaching Program for each Time, and all of the Power Times, and exactly what to do, and kind of coming along with me on this journey as well.

So we’ll go over the Power Times in October, what you can do during them to make the most of it. We’ll do a short meditation, a little gift for you today, and a meditation with Dr. Pillai, a recording of him because today is Pradosham, the 13th Moon, and we’ll be doing a meditation for that. Then I will open the Call for questions, and then we’ll be done. We will be together for no more than an hour. So you can plan your time. Ok.

So today, as I mentioned, is Pradosham. It’s the 13th Phase of the Moon, and it happens twice per Month, two days before The New Moon, and Two Days before The Full Moon. When this Moon Phase falls on a Saturday, it is the most powerful Pradosham or 13th Moon possible. And this Month of October, we have not one, but two of these amazing time periods, these windows of opportunity. I happen to be in India at the moment. We had all day Shani Pradosham. It’s called Shani because it’s Saturn. But in the West, the US, and North America, you have a shorter window of time. So we still have time today. I think it’s until 2:45 or something like that, East Coast, New York City Time. So you can calculate your Time Zones, so you have time. And so what you want to do on this day is any kind of karma removal ritual, or meditation.

If you have been following Dr. Pillai you probably know some of those techniques, what they are. I’ll give a few so you have an overview. The lime, lemon, coconut ritual, you’ve heard of that. This is when you use a lime, a lemon, a coconut, or a pumpkin, or a flower, these are all of the types of objects which can absorb our karma, absorb our negative energy, our thought processes, and then destroy that item that you put the karma, or the energy into. When we do the meditation later I will guide you through exactly what to do. So we will be able to get into that a little later in the Call. So another thing you could do is a meditation. Again we are going to be doing that today with the recording of Dr. Pillai.

Another thing you can do for Pradosham is to… if you have a Siva Lingam, it’s a … if you are not sure what that is you can look it up. It’s a little object that symbolizes Lord Siva. And if you don’t have one of those, you can use a stone, and you pour milk over that, and chant: “Thiru Neel Kantam Makaral Sivayanama”. We are going to be mentioning, or repeating that mantra in the recording so you don’t have to worry about that just yet.

When you have this item, the Siva Lingam, pour milk over the top, first wet it, put water over it to wash it. Then pour milk. I usually do it slowly, and let it roll over the object and chant: “Thiru Neel Kantam Makaral Sivayanama”. On any other day you can also do this ritual. It’s very powerful. You just chant: “Om Nama Sivaya”. It helps to remove karmic patterns. I don’t know how it works, but it’s really magical. Whenever I’ve done it, it just helps to create an ease, a peace, kind of letting go of stress, and anxiety. It tends to wash away. That’s exactly what we are doing. We are washing, and cleansing with this ritual process. These are related techniques that have been developed thousands of years ago by the Ancient seers, who could somehow know that these activities, and meditations, and sound vibrations, could change our consciousness, could change our energy, and our vibration. So it’s so appropriate that we get to bring these rituals, and techniques, into modern life because we are bombarded with so many thoughts, and stress. That these techniques, magical techniques, can really help us relieve stress, and be in the moment.

So today, you can do this ritual, this karma removal every single day, but the Pradoshams, the 13th Moons, and especially the Pradoshams that fall on a Saturday, known as Shani Pradosham, are the most powerful times to do that. Now within the window of time of the 13th Moon, if you have a sunset time, an hour to an hour and a half before the sun sets, that’s the most powerful time of that window. If you don’t have it that’s fine, just do it during the 13th Moon Phase as a whole. So if you have any questions, jot them down, and we’ll get to it after we open up the line. So that’s about Pradosham, the ritual you ca do. Sorry back up, we went through the Siva Lingam Ritual, and the lime, lemon, or coconut. I said I would do it later, but I’ll just do it now.

So we take a lime, lemon, coconut, flower, or pumpkin, and roll it on the head, the neck, the shoulders, the throat, and the entire body, anywhere on the body that may be holding stress, or pain, any discomfort. Roll it on that area, holding it with your right hand, and chanting the same mantra: “Thiru Neel Kantam Makaral Sivayanama”, or simply: “Thiru Neel Kantam” is fine. As you are rolling it, you want to imagine the stress, anxiety, these thought patterns, anything that’s ailing you, being absorbed into this object- the coconut, lime, lemon, or whatever it is, the flower, whatever you are holding in your right hand, and rolling over your body.

I like to think of something specific. If there’s a specific thing that’s ailing me , – a relationship, a situation, a health problem, any persistent thought that is not serving me, I like to think of that specific item, and I pray the Lord to please remove this from me. I don’t need this, it’s a burden, it’s an old pattern, it’s not serving my higher purpose, please let it be removed, and I love it going into the object. Now after you do that exercise, you take the coconut and break it and throw it away, try not to get any of the juices on you. If it’s a lime or lemon, you cut it in half fully, and then discard it. Watching to try and not get the juice on you again, and then washing anything that was used. If it’s a pumpkin, smash it and throw it away. If it’s a flower, you can crush it in your hand and throw it away, and wash. The idea is that the transfer of this energy goes into the object, and then you destroy the object. Destroying the object is breaking apart that karmic pattern that was absorbed into it. And because it’s a negative energy that you just let get absorbed into this object, you don’t to get it back on you. If you do don’t stress, just wash it off, make sure the object is discarded, and move on. If you are doing a lot, like you are doing a multiple, you probably don’t want to store them in your house until the next garbage pickup. Put them out in the outside garbage to just get this energy out of your home. Ok. If you have any questions we’ll get to them afterwards.

After today the next Power Time is the New Moon. Now you may have heard that Mahalaya has been happening for the past 13 days. And during this time, it is the most powerful time of the year to relieve ancestor influence upon your mind. We don’t always know it, but ancestors are there in the ether from our lineage, and just like they pass on to us an eye color, or the way we speak, or the color of our skin, they also pass on to us thoughts, they pass onto us karma, and after they pass on, after they die, they can hang around in the ether and influence us that way as well.


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