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Do you ever wish you had a talking map—much like a GPS—to take you to the right place at the right time, avoiding mistakes at work, home and anywhere else?

This week you get your wish and a chance to receive guidance for:

. Zeroing in on your projects,

. Meeting your goals

. Exceeding your expectations

Just follow these six Planets’ guidelines until October 17.

1. Mercury’s gifts

Finally, Mercury is going direct in Virgo, his sign of exaltation. As an extra bonus, he’s getting away from Rahu-induced anxieties and confusion.

Now, your clearer communication and business savvy can take you all the way to Wall Street, your dream networking system or a top publisher.

You will also have better luck in finding the right doctor or cure for any existing ailment. Better yet, you might find alternative therapies that are less invasive and without side effects. After consulting with your physicians, choose and trust that healing is on its way.

2. Mars

This red planet of energy and courage has been happier in the sign of his friend Sun and with his best-buddy roommate Jupiter. Only catch: due to Saturn’s aspect on Mars, your courage can be dimmer.

When you ignore a tinge of fear as you start a race, sign up for new courses or apply for a new job, you’ll be much, much happier with the results.

Mars and Saturn in a reciprocal aspect deepen their association—for better or for worse. Be strong and fearless and, of course, play by the rules or you might get into a quandary with the government or the IRS.

Trust that you are protected, do your best to avoid arguments and in the long run, you’ll benefit from all your endeavors.

3. Jupiter1

Although the planet of higher wisdom and wealth has a soft spot for Mars, the space in Leo is    getting tight for these two powerful planets. However, for now—and before their actual “planetary war” between October 17 and 18—Jupiter’s easy-going attitude and occasional laissez faire will be perked up by Mars’ motivation and action.

Expect lucky breaks in finances and in your religious or philosophical studies, as you’ll work at higher speed then usual.

Again, maintaining your optimism makes the best of Jupiter’s intelligence—even quantum scientists can now tell you that we manifest what we expect.

4. Venus

Venus barely resembles Venus nowadays.

Pressed by Saturn, in close vicinity to aggressive Mars and in the company of higher teacher Jupiter, Venus’ results are dimmed to say the least.

Charm and diplomacy will be rare this month and aggressive pursuits of power will be more prevalent.

Use the energy of Venus to gain knowledge in artistic media and for work in theater, cinematography or photography. Networking may be easier if you avoid excessive pride.

Hauteur may impress people at first, but in the long run—sweetness, sincerity and approachability are the qualities that make life worth living.

5. Sun

The Sun, planet of success, power and vitality is still in the same house with Rahu and Mercury. On October 17, he will enter Libra—a not-too-happy place for the Sun.

So—use this week to go all the way out in your business projects and research. If you want a job in the medical field, you might get it now.

Your digestion will benefit from following a diet of bland foods and a more regimented health plan.

Note: Always ask your doctor before changing your health routine.

6. Ketu

This South lunar node couldn’t be happier in the 12th natural house of isolation and solitude ruled by righteous Jupiter.

Make the best of these energies by:

  • Keeping a regular meditation or spiritual practice
  • Spending some daily time in solitude to write in a journal or walk in nature
  • Read or write devotional poems
  • Think of ways to help others and implement them

Planetary remedies such as fire rituals are extremely powerful and can give you quicker results than meditation and intention. Often we need divine intervention, as our limited and skeptical minds need more transcendence in order to manifest what we need.

Enjoy the energies!

Lalitha Head ShotEnergetic Updates

by Lalitha Devi




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