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Attitude of Gratitude

As Mahalaya concludes and the 9 Nights of the Goddess (Navaratri) commence on October 13th, the keywords for this week are thanksgiving and attitude of gratitude.

Are you grateful to have woken up to the real purpose of your life? To have found a great master to help you navigate this journey? Are you grateful to be alive at this time during the greatest evolution of the earth and all her inhabitants? Are you grateful for every single thing in your lives, even if it’s the most difficult lesson you have to learn? These are the things that will move you forward on your spiritual path.

Attitude of Gratitude

Watch Dr. Pillai’s videos on Mahalaya here. Dr. Pillai says that if you do tarpanam, you will begin to attract what you need to be successful in this life. It is highly recommended to do the tarpanam ritual at home every day. Learn how to offer tarpanam to your ancestors here.

Navaratri or The Nine Nights of the Goddess will start right after Mahalaya completes. In India, it will be from October 13 -21st IST. Learn more about Navaratri here.

Enjoy listening to this week’s Meditation featuring Goddess mantras and the lively Q&A Discussion. Coming up next week: Sun in Libra Astrological Forecast.

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