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Lord Ganesha’s birthday, also known as Ganesha Chaturthi, is the annual celebration of the elephant-headed god. In the Siddha tradition, gods are considered to be archetypes who reside in the unconscious of humanity. Their “birthdays” are not just arbitrary festivals but divinely ordained times when you can “birth” their archetypal intelligence and power from the unconscious into the conscious mind, thus embodying the god themselves.

While all archetypal birthdays are significant, Lord Ganesha’s is especially important because of the gift he offers to humanity at this time. That gift includes an ancient technology, using what is considered “sympathetic magic,” to take thousands of forms, absorb people’s karma, then be sacrificed on their behalf to remove it. In essence, it is a massive karmic transfer ceremony which is Ganesha’s birthday gift to the world each year.

How does Ganesha’s birthday technology for karma removal work, and what is its significance? More on that below. But first, it is important to learn a little bit about Lord Ganesha in order to understand just how significant his birthday gift is.


The Birth of Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha is the eldest son of the divine couple, Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, and is considered the foremost amongst the gods. Once, while Lord Shiva was away on meditation, the Goddess Parvati wanted to take a bath and not be disturbed. It is said she created Lord Ganesha from the dust of her body to stand guard at the entrance of their home.

Lord Ganesha refused to let Lord Shiva enter when he returned from his meditation, and a fight broke out. First, Lord Shiva sent his elite ganas to attack Lord Ganesha. Soon, the King of Gods, Indra, got involved and attacked with the divine army. Even Vishnu was summoned to remove this young boy from his post. Eventually, Lord Shiva threw his trident and removed Lord Ganesha’s head, who appeared as a young boy at the time. Soon after an elephant head was fixed to his body in place of his human one.

Once the Goddess Parvati found out what happened, she was very upset. She demanded her son be given the position as foremost amongst the gods, and Lord Shiva granted her request.



Ganesha is Revered by All

After the dust settled and Lord Ganesha was given the position of foremost of all gods, all the gods, siddhas, even the holy trinity now invoke Lord Ganesha before starting anything.

He is perhaps one of the most beloved of all the gods and goddesses in the Vedic pantheon. His form can be found in almost every region of the world, and in 1995, millions of people witnessed his statues miraculously drinking milk.

Aspects of his archetype also appear in different spiritual pantheons, including Thoth to the Egyptians, Hermes to the Greeks, and St. Nicholas to Christians.

Lord Ganesha not only seems to appear everywhere, but also is revered by all – but why? What is the deeper significance?


Siddha Secrets of Ganesha

According to Dr. Pillai and the Siddhas, Lord Ganesha is so prominent because he is the god in charge of all divinity, meaning all divine principles represented as gods, or angels. In fact, they say Lord Ganesha is the first, primordial god who personifies OM, the seed sound of God that carries the highest intelligence, consciousness, and power.

Ganesha is endowed with one characteristic in particular that is unique to his archetype and sought after by gods, yogis, and siddhas continuously.

He is considered the founder and lord of shortcuts, or the lord of obstacles. He possesses a unique intelligence that allows him to see all possible obstacles, and the power to remove them, thus achieving or bestowing success in the shortest time possible.

That is why he is associated with being “super-fast.” When he sets out to accomplish anything, whether that is responding to prayers or fulfilling a divine mission, nobody is faster than him. He personifies instant manifestation and gratification.


Ganesha Birthday Technology for Karma Removal Explained

There are two primary karma removal technologies Lord Ganesha uses to remove the karma of people during his birthday. Both are extremely powerful, just like Lord Ganesha himself.

Coconut Technology

The first is coconuts. We have Lord Ganesha and Shiva to thank for this technology. Lord Ganesha, having observed that it is only through sacrifice that destiny can be altered, approached his father, Lord Shiva, with a question.

He wanted to know what the best sacrifice was. Lord Shiva responded that sacrificing him, Lord Shiva, is the best. Lord Ganesha wanted to know how to do that. Lord Shiva created a coconut and said that sacrificing a coconut would be equivalent to sacrificing himself, Lord Shiva. Thus, on Lord Ganesha’s birthday thousands of coconuts are smashed in his name, by or on behalf of sponsors, to create a new destiny for them.

Clay Statue Technology

The second technology is using clay statues of Ganesha. Clay statues of the elephant-headed god are created for his birthday. Because Lord Ganesha exists in a subtle form, he uses the clay statues as a device to manifest in a material form. People then give him their negative karma, and he absorbs it into the statue, which becomes his body. After taking the karma, the statues are dissolved in the ocean, representing Lord Ganesha’s sacrifice on their behalf. Dr. Pillai has compared this technology with Jesus’s crucifixion.


Change Your Destiny During Ganesha’s Birthday

Our Vedic specialists will be conducting grand ceremonies for Ganesha’s birthday, following strict guidelines which are overseen by Dr. Pillai. Sign up to sponsor them, including smashing coconuts and empowering and dissolving clay statues. Click the button below to explore the offerings and birthday packages.




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