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Awaken With The Sun As It Moves Into Aries


gayatri mantra


On April 14, the Sun is moving into Aries. Why do we have to worry about the Sun in Aries, or in Taurus, or in any other Zodiac sign? The Sun in Aries is a very important time. It is the time the Sun has his own maximum energy, and why would we bother about the Sun? 

We are not simply celebrating the Tamil (Vedic) New Year, which coincides with the movement of the Sun into Aries. It is about understanding consciousness, the whole range of consciousness, through which we can benefit a lot.

On this New Year, we have to be reminded of Sun Worship, or the Sun in Aries, as a very precious time for us to understand the Sun. Solar energy, which is not the only power that we can use for electricity. It is the power of intelligence: The intelligence of the body, mind, and the soul. This is an important time – April 14 through May 15. This is the time when the Sun’s energy is abundantly available. It is intellectual energy, it is the energy of the soul. It is also abundant in material energy. All of these energies are available with the Sun abundantly during this time.

The Sun gives you not only life, but also clarity of mind, and courage.”


Understanding The Sun

Our understanding of the Sun is very limited, and that is the curse of modern, Western, linear thinking. If you look more at the ancient cultures, they knew more about the Sun than we do today. They knew that the Sun is about consciousness. It is about life, and the Sun is also a being with whom you can make contact, and be benefited through His association. He can teach you.

Understanding the Sun is going to be very lucrative for us, but we only know the lucrative nature of the Sun from solar energy so that we can make money out of it. We have not understood the Sun as the life force. 

The Sun is the greatest energy producer – not only just heat energy, or light energy, but also life energy. What is happening in the Sun? A nuclear fusion, as opposed to nuclear fission that we do in our nuclear plants. But God or the Universe (if you do not believe in God)  was able to conceive of this nuclear fusion of two atoms joining together –  hydrogen atoms joining together to create helium. 

That is our current understanding, but this is not a language that the Rishis would speak. It is only a miniscule of understanding of what goes on in the Sun. There is a lot that goes on in the Sun that is incomprehensible.


The Understanding Of The Sun In The Context Of Vedic Seers Can Benefit Humanity

For instance, if you go to Thirumoolar, a very powerful Tamil Siddha, he talks about the Sun in terms of the Soul, in terms of the Mind, and in terms of it being a Star. The wisdom in Thirumandiram is very extensive and profound.

The understanding of the Sun in the context of Vedic Seers is immense and it can benefit humanity a lot. They did something very important and profound when they made the Gayatri mantra, the chant for the Sun, as a very core practice that you have to do several times a day because the Sun is not only the energy, but also life and consciousness itself. 

The Sun is not just a celestial object. Just look at what Socrates said about astrology, the planets. He said, “You do not know about all of these things.” From Plato’s Academy, he said: “Remove astrology. You cannot understand them because you need not just mind knowledge, but soul knowledge, for which you have to meditate and get into a different state of consciousness.” 


Access The Power Of The Sun With The Gayatri Mantra

You can get solar power by chanting the Gayatri mantra. And it is everywhere. If you go to YouTube, there are thousands of people chanting the Gayatri mantra, you will find simple sounds like “Bhur Bhuvaḥ Swaha,” that can get the power of the Sun.Tat savitur varenyam, Savitur, savitur,\savitur”. This sound is very powerful to get solar power. Solar power is not just to create electricity; the power is really the intellectual power, brain power. 

That is the purpose of the Gayatri mantra. So during this time everyone should do it because it is accessing the power of the Sun. The power of the Sun is very important because without it, nobody can live. The Earth plane is dependent on the energy of the Sun on all levels: the soul level, mind level, and physical level. So you should chant this mantra over and over again. 

Time is everything. We have to use time properly. With the Sun being in Aries in an exalted position, this is the time for enlightenment, if you care for enlightenment. If you do not care for enlightenment, and you care for more intelligence, seize the time too.”


Learn Dr. Pillai’s Techniques For Accessing The Sun’s Power with the Gayatri Mantra

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