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In a society based primarily on science with both its limitations and its advantages, talking about the Holy Spirit, religion or God might seem antiquated and obsolete, or risk vocal dismissals from mainstream scientific circles.

Advocating the merging of science and religion, some scientists dare to defy the status quo.

Albert Einstein, and contemporary neuroscientists Andrew Newberg and Mark Waldman are examples of these mavericks.

So who is right? Can we speed up our progress with the combined help of technology and the Divine, or is that only superstition?

According to Dr. Pillai, a phenomenologist of religion, combining science with God is not only possible, but also the way to solving all our global challenges.

The ancient spiritual scientists of India

Dr. Pillai grew up as a yogi in the Tamil Siddha tradition. The Siddhas, one of the most ancient yogic lineages on Earth, believe that life on our planet is under the influence of vast cosmic influences that are beyond our wildest imagination.

We are not alone—because there are benevolent celestial beings who want to help humanity, as well as some who don’t have our best interest at heart.

The Siddhas have also revealed places in South India containing the miraculous energy of ascended Siddhas, benevolent celestial beings and key planets. These places, ranging from waterfalls, mountains and special temples, can transform your life instantaneously, according to your wishes.

These yogis also teach that Earth goes through cycles of evolution called yugas, alternating from mass enlightment and happiness for all to gradually more oppressive, darker periods ridden with ignorance and evil.

According to these secretive yogis, we are now leaving behind one such dark age or Kali Yuga and entering a so-called Golden Age.

That we’ve been through a very dark time isn’t hard to believe when we think of the 2.7 billion people now living on less than $2 a day.

Or if we look at the depletion of our oceans and marine life, the devastation of our forests, and global exploitation of the poor, weak, women and children.

In Kali Yuga, righteousness is so rare, said Dr. Pillai, that “the cow of righteousness stands on just one leg.” And many had turned away from both the Divine and Truth.

The Siddhas also announce that as we get deeper into the Golden Age, the truth about the cosmos, your own divine nature and the existence of benevolent celestial beings will come to light.

They also say that all celestial bodies—planets, stars, dwarf planets, etc.—are alive and conscious and can make or break your fortunes. They teach techniques for appeasing unlucky planets and propitiate beneficial ones.

But while most of the Siddhas’ teachings and life-changing techniques remain secret, Dr. Pillai has been revealing many of their methods for evolution and enlightenment, how to acquire wealth and security, healing relationships and experiencing bliss.

The happiest life possible

Dr. Pillai is inviting you to India to join him in a very special retreat that offers you a rare opportunity to end a karmic life of pain and repeat frustration.

This miraculous change can only happen by “taking care of the inner,” he says. You can tap into your inner resources, the 95 percent of unused brain, and connect with otherworldly energy stemming from some power spots.

Both Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg were aware of such powerful vortexes and candidly spoke of their India travels to some of those sacred spots and temples.

A miraculous tree

These sacred spots and temples can’t be found in tourist spots—but those who have been there have joyfully shared stories of miracles.




Years ago on Dr. Pillai’s birthday trip, I visited a secret temple where a great Siddha had meditated for hundreds (not a typo) of years.

There, a tamarind tree’s miraculous leaves never shut closed at night, as other tamarinds do. Some people soon entered altered states of consciousness and others had an out-of-body experience.

After leaving the temple, my thoughts had changed dramatically and numerous ideas for my work kept coming so fast that I couldn’t type them quickly enough on my phone.

Upon returning to the United States, I successfully implemented some of them.

“We can work with nature, work with science, to create a beautiful life,” says Dr. Pillai.

“At least we should start doing that in the New Year. Your 2017 shouldn’t be a karmic year. There is what is called a karmic reality. The karmic reality is the reality that you created even before you came to this earth plane.”

Recreate your reality

Dr. Pillai says you now have a choice to completely change your reality and create a new and happier one based on love, joy, bliss and total fulfillment.

“And that is how nature can really speed up your progress, change your karmic reality.”

“I want to do some special programs to get you to India and take you to those temples that can change your destiny.”

You can recreate yourself effortlessly with the help of an enlightened master, karma removal, the life-changing energy of vortexes, and Siddha techniques of meditation. Many have turned their lives around after attending Dr. Pillai’s birthday trips.

Happy travels!

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