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God will show His power now, without delay, to protect everyone, according to a recent message from Dr. Pillai regarding the global pandemic.



Dr.Pillai: Fear is gripping everyone with new news that the coronavirus can be spread through just talking and inhaling and exhaling. That is scary. But this is also the time of providence that God will show his power and protect everyone. 

When? Not Later On.

He will start protecting his creation right now, In this very moment, he will do it, and I have no doubt about it. I have completely no doubt about it. 

What is real is the fear but not the death. The death will be reduced and finally, should be gone with God’s grace. This does not mean that God is against the scientists who are saying that. God will also use through scientists. Just listen to them. I’m not saying that they are lying, they know what they know. But they are not gods. There are so many computer models available. And not all of them say the same thing. It is all logic that we put into the computer based on prediction, but God is the Almighty.

“With God Everything is Possible”

Jesus said, “With God everything is possible.” He never said, “With me everything is possible” He said, “With God everything is possible.” He will. All that you have to do at this point is to have faith and chant God’s name all the time. Call on him. We cannot just wait because there is no other hope. Because wherever we turn, we get the message that with just talking to someone or just by inhaling the air, we are going to get coronavirus. This is the information that is coming forth, and who can help us? Then does God want to kill us? 

No, no, this is really the time for prayer for God to act. God will definitely act. How is he going to act? This is because of our rational mind. He will work through medicines. A medicine can be available tomorrow, or pretty soon, and also he will do miracles. He will stop the virus. 

You know, if you go to the religious traditions of the world, whether it is Judaism, or Christianity or Hinduism or other religions, disease is not the work of God. It’s the work of the evil forces. So is the virus because it’s a disease. And there is a fight now between the evil forces and God. And who is going to win? The evil forces will never win. The coronavirus will never win; it will die. So all you have to do is go on chanting, chanting, chanting, chanting, chanting, the name of God, calling on the Father. Call “Father Father, Father, Father.” Father is a very powerful word. “Father, Father, Father, Father Father, Father, Father, Father, Father, Father, Father, Father, Father, Father, Father, Father.”  Because “father” is a common word, I’m not using any other word except this one because everybody can relate to it.

Pray to the Father 

Father, Father, Father, Father in heaven, Father in heaven, come up, come, come, come. Father in heaven, Father in heaven, you are the only source. Just go on talking to him, go on talking to him, pray to him, pray to him with complete faith. Father, give us the medicine, give us the medicine, give us the medicine, give us the medicine, give us the medicine, let the vaccine come quick or the treatment come quick. Or you can use whatever power you have, through which you can stop the virus and and save us, save us, save us, save us, save us, save us, Father, Father, Father, come, come, come. You are the only hope because children are upset. I saw children crying when they heard the news.

What can you do? The media is putting it out and I don’t blame them. They have to give out information, but they have to at least downplay it, in my opinion, and not show it so many times, because people are really afraid and then some people may even die. There is no channel that is putting out a message that God is there, God is going to help.

So it is only a message of doomsday that everybody is going to wear a mask. How is that possible? How long can we? There are no masks available, and even if they are available, how can anybody live with a mask all the time? God knows all these things. So the only hope for us is God.

Father, Father, Father, Father, Father, Father, Father, Father, just say this. If all of us can join together and call on the Father, he will come. 

God is Not Imaginary

God is more powerful than our sciences. God is our Creator. So, this is the time, this is an opportunity, even people who have never thought about God in their life will have the time to think about him. He is going to provide the solution, and he has revealed to me that he will protect his creation. His creation will not be destroyed by the evil, by Satan.

Satan is not powerful. God is powerful. God will destroy Satan. He hears the children crying, he hears the mothers crying because they are worried about more than themselves, they’re worried about their children. The mother is worried about the children. The father is worried about the children, but we have the great Father in heaven. And his intention is to give us heaven on earth. That’s why Jesus came to this earth plane.

 Everybody including the Buddha came down to this earth plane because he found that there was so much suffering in this world and the world and if the world is not suffering there got to be something different. That’s what he started to inquire. He said that the world appears to be a painful experience but then that’s not. You will eventually get bliss, provided you can transcend your mind and understand yourself as complete emptiness and in that emptiness there is pure Ananda. 

And that message is very relevant even today, especially for people who have still hard time in spite of the fact that things are going wrong to conceive of God sitting in heaven. You know, this is all mythology. No, it’s not mythology. It is literally true. 

And What is God? 

God is the power of all-knowingness, omniscience, omnipotence, and omnipresence. In my earlier video, I told that 12 years ago or 8 years ago Sylvia Browne predicted exactly this is coming, pneumonia as a virus, but that will be gone, she said that too. She said don’t worry about it, it is gone. But she never said that it is going to come back any time soon once it’s gone, but after some 30 years or so, and whether it will come or not, we don’t know. 

So, what we can do is just pray, Father. “Father” is a great mantra. “Father, Father, Father, Father.” At least say it for an hour, just one hour, just say “Father” one hour. Keep on saying, “Father, Father, Father, Father, Father, Father, Father, Father, Father, Father, Father, Father, Father,” out loud, say “Father, Father, Father Father.” Light a candle in front of you and keep on praying Father, Father, Father, Father, Father, Father, come here, come here, come here, come, help us, help us, help us, help us and pray, pray. 

Prayer Will Melt God’s Heart

And then that prayer will melt God’s heart. And if all of us can join together and do it, that will be very powerful, very, very powerful. And this is the power of God. This is the power of God. So don’t worry, you know, God the Father has promised that he would take care of the situation and will protect everyone. And he promised, and his promise, he will keep.

So that is the message that I want to give you. He is going to protect his creation. It is his creation. It is not Satan’s creation, it is God’s creation. He is the Father. The Father is not going to kill his own children and who is killing? Who is killing is the disease, the enemy, “the invisible enemy” as the president calls it, the invisible and evil force.

There is this message, which is a very hard message when it comes to that, which is going to be spread deep anywhere in the same space and then if you inhale the same air and then it will spread from one person to another person. This message will hurt everyone. Whether it will happen or not, in my opinion, it will not happen, it should not happen because God is going to protect us. 

If you begin to believe in it, you will be more depressed and that is not a good feeling, and you are not going to gain anything by being negative. You will gain everything by just being in prayer. As I said just say for one hour,and within one hour, you will find that tremendous amount of peace coming into your body, mind and soul. Not only that, you also melt the heart of the Father. And it will also do good for other people around you in the environment itself and He will change the destiny of the world.

God Will Kill the Evil Forces

So keep chanting Father Father, Father, Father, Father Father, out loud: FATHER, FATHER, FATHER, FATHER, FATHER, FATHER, and He will hear. Come on, this is the time. We cannot just be dying because God did not create us just to die a death at the hands of Satan. Satan is not the authority, you are the authority, my Lord, my Lord, my Lord, Father, Father, Father, Father, pray, pray, keep praying and that prayer will do a lot. 

The prayer is more powerful than an atom or a subatomic particle. And we will all be protected and then we will all celebrate and we will all say “glory to God” very soon and when you do the Father, Father Father for one hour, you will instantaneously feel the peace and that will also help the world. 

Those of you who have difficulty in keeping your eyes closed and saying that, just say it with your eyes open, say it walking inside the house. Even lying down, just keep saying Father, Father, help us, help us, help us, help us, help us, save us, save us, save us, save us, save us.

God will do. He will show his power and help us all.

God Bless,

Dr. Pillai


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