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Receive powerful techniques that Dr. Pillai has lovingly provided to give you inner peace and to help you make God your Sun and your Shield.



The following two weeks are set to generate a tremendous amount of fear. Fear of death will be experienced by everyone. Not only those who are entering death itself or people related to someone dying. Everyone will be affected by the fear of death.

The gravely ill emit a very painful energy—this causes a tremendous amount of sorrow deep inside the heart. 

Momentarily, the fear will come and go, so you have to constantly remind yourself that you can either go along with it or counteract it. You need to find a coping mechanism.

Let Go of the Thoughts That Do Not Make You Strong

Stop talking about what is going on with the coronavirus. Do not listen to the numbers on TV. Stop listening to debates for the next two weeks.

Fear is emotional, irrational and heart-oriented but it can be handled through the mind which is a great relief for everyone. You can manage fear through the following powerful techniques.

Close your eyes.

Focus your attention on the two eyeballs. The moment you put your attention on the two eyeballs, you create a favorable environment to step out of the collective fear mind-set. You enter an altered state of consciousness which you can use for whatever purpose you want. These powerful techniques are not just for the coronavirus.

Continue focusing on the two eyeballs and then, momentarily, you will experience a gap where there is no thought. Thoughts will start to trickle in, but everyone at some point will experience a state of thoughtlessness.

When Things Change Inside You, Things Change Around You

Observe your breathing. Inhale through both nostrils; fill your lungs with breath. Focus the attention on the lungs, the nostrils, the eyes, the eyeballs and the third eye (the pineal gland) located in the middle of the brain. The pineal gland is a tiny organ just five millimeters long. it is tremendously powerful and can help you enter a different space and time.

As soon as you do this, images will start to appear. The third eye is very visual. You may see images of gods, goddesses, totem animals, lizards or perhaps your spirit guide. Then you will realize that you are not conditioned by the body or the mind— you can go to a different realm.

Again, put your attention on the two eyeballs but do not move them. Inhale through both nostrils and send this oxygen to the lungs. Feel the lungs, eyeballs and nostrils. You will notice that your thoughts are slowing down and you are able to reach moments of thoughtlessness. A Yogi can experience this state of mind for many hours. He will finally reach Samadhi (a state of enlightenment).

Be It. Live It. Radiate It Out. Peace is an Inside Job

Stay focused on the two eyeballs, nostrils and lungs. Pay particular attention to the third eye. It will help you to move to a different dimension. Somewhere far away from mind consciousness.

You will start to see visions of archetypes. Focus your attention on one particular God, Goddess, Saint, Prophet, Messiah—whoever you connect with emotionally and place this archetype on the third eye. If you put Jesus on the third eye, visualize him nailed to the cross—see his blood oozing. He died to release the collective karma of the human race. If you are uncomfortable with this image, put Buddha’s image before you or something or someone else. For those who follow me, you could perhaps choose the Shreem Brzee image.  

This is how easy it is to transport your mind to a different state of consciousness.  You can do this for five minutes or even longer. Practice for the following two weeks.

In addition to the above powerful technique, you can instantly reduce the collective fear consciousness that is all around you in the present moment.

Do All Things through Those Who Bring You Strength

Hold on to a power object such as a cross. There is a tremendous amount of courage and bravery in the cross. Put all your faith in this symbol and Jesus will empower you. You could also hold onto the Vel of Muruga or any other symbol which builds you up and makes you strong. The Vel carries immense power. Hold onto the power object, touch it and make it real through your faith. Say with conviction “He or she is going to help me.

When You Are Broken, the Light Will Seep In

Carry your chosen object with you all the time. When you go to sleep, put it under your pillow or place a cross near your heart because the heart has its own consciousness.

When Obama was running for president, he carried a tiny statue of Hanuman, the archetype of great strength and power.

Help this blog go viral. It carries powerful techniques to deal with harrowing moments of tension and pain.

Powerful Techniques to Experience God’s Grace

I want you to experience God and move away from fear and depression. The more we practice these powerful techniques, the more we can counteract the feelings of tension and fear that are circulating the entire world.

God bless,

Dr. Pillai

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