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When we look toward the light, miracles can happen. In this blog post, Dr. Pillai conveys an important message from Modi, India’s Prime Minister.



I have an important message for everyone. Modi, the Prime Minister of India, has suggested we all light a lamp at 9:00 pm IST and pray (convert to your time here).

It might appear a simple procedure to many and it might even seem silly or superstitious to some but I have instructions from the Divine to take it seriously. If the message is carried out, miracles can happen. We need a miracle to save humanity from mass death.

The United States is the wealthiest country in the world but they are struggling to handle the current situation even with all the scientists and technology available. Poorer countries do not even have water to wash their hands or access to any form of lamp.

Look Toward God, God Is Light

Light a lamp at 9:00 pm IST  for nine minutes. It will give access to the Divine. Look inside the flame and stay focused on the flame. It can save the world.

In modern, pre-modern and ancient religions, lighting a lamp has always been an integral part of faith. As human beings we are basically light, but the coronavirus is darkness. Just by lighting a lamp, you can really make a difference because the light is called ‘Arut Perum Jyoti’ Arul is the most powerful light.

The Divine is Close To All Who Call upon Him

Remember to gaze into the lamp. Stay focused on and look toward the light and pray to God— ask him to save humanity. Then, all the negativity will be gone and the world will be renewed. I want everyone to take part in this.

Do it for the sake of humanity. The message went viral in India because the prime minister announced it. If we tell others, it could go viral around the world. Then, countries such as Africa and China will also light a lamp. It must be done. The most important thing is to pray. Wherever you are living, light a lamp, look toward the light and pray.

God bless,

Dr. Pillai


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