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Attain unity with God during these difficult days. Dr. Pillai refers to the coronavirus as a message for each of us, one which can help us learn and grow.



God Wants Bliss to be the Nature of This Earth Plane

In heaven there is continual bliss—the opposite of earthly existence.

My prediction is that the coronavirus came here for a reason. It was a warning for us to wake up and start a new way of life. Heaven can be brought down to earth. That was the message of Christianity but we have forgotten this.

It is time to look at human consciousness and its limitations. We need to forget our selfishness. Every country is selfish. Every man is selfish. That is our nature; even people who speak about selflessness are selfish. We need more education related to the soul—the soul makes the heart pump blood and the lungs breathe.

A New Opportunity to Put Things Right and Attain Unity

People who believe in God should join together and create a better model to attain unity. We have to go beyond all definitions of good and bad and get together to create a complete revision of everything we have been doing and start over.

The educational system is too old. Even the sciences are out of date. We cannot completely thrive with a materialistic model. Study of consciousness is highly important; it helps to understand the relationship between the mind and particles because we are all basically just particles.

If we learn more about quantum physics, we can create reality through the consciousness. This should be taught from a very early age. We have to understand that we are not just flesh and blood; we are love and particles with unlimited possibilities capable of creating a life free of suffering.

The Cosmos Is Within Us

Now is the time for us to join together and think about human evolution to attain  unity. We have been placing too much emphasis on the neocortex (the rational brain) and forgotten about the intuitive side of the brain. The old primitive brain is a lot more important. It can give a better understanding of who we are and the possibilities that we have.

Collectively we have to join together. Religion must be revived but not in a way where one puts down the other. All religions should come together as a science and evolve from this current life of flesh and blood. This would require an understanding of other religions and them of ours on an equal foot. If we do that, we will all benefit from each other’s tradition. Religion is not foolish.

You Are Meant To Live a Life of Passion, Purpose and Miracles

One important statement Einstein’s made was ‘Where science ends, religion begins’ because religion is a higher reality; a more pleasant reality than anything science can offer. It is time for us to go back to religion and the domain of miracles. We can perform miracles every day but science does not provide any room for this. It freezes reality to logic and matter which leads us to negativity.

If we collectively believe we can change suffering and poverty, it can be done. Everything is down to belief. A new civilization has to be created; one where we can teach people what we expect will happen. Therefore, it is important to monitor the thought process because what we think becomes reality.

Don’t Just Survive, Thrive

There are no courses on thinking. I am the only person who started a course on Phonemic Intelligence. Even a syllable carries a lot of intelligence; it can change an attitude, an understanding—your whole life.

This is knowledge that I acquired at Brain Science International and Harvard Medical School. I have seen first-hand how syllables can activate different parts of the brain. This helped me develop the Phonemic Intelligence program. It allows us to enhance our intelligence by activating different parts of the brain using phonemes as sound waves. This is nothing new, I have simply packaged it differently.

Phonemic Intelligence was developed from my own personal studies and through different religions including Christianity and Judaism where it was said, “In the beginning there was the Word and the Word was with God and God said let there be light.”

The Particle Mind Is Timeless and Everywhere

So, we can speak and create whatever reality we want but we have to be careful with the words that we use. Politicians will have to play their part—without politicians we cannot do anything. So we will have to change the Senators, Congressmen and representatives in all countries. They will have to understand that we create our own reality by applying the intelligence we have within.

Our current intelligence is outdated—let us become intelligent. Let us use the full potential we have been given and make it a mission to create a new world order.

We Can Unlock Our Highest Potential

Phonemic Intelligence will provide a starting point for everything. We have to become intelligent. I am very confident that in the 21st Century we can lay a foundation for creating a new world order. If we do not learn from the virus and what it has done to us, we will continue to meet virus after virus and disaster after disaster. We will repeatedly become hurt and damaged—we need to learn from this.

It is better to learn right now and create a new world order. Then there will be positivity and happiness for everyone.

God Bless,

Dr. Pillai


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