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What is the Particle Mind?

Particles are the finest and tiniest units of matter. The particle is a metaphor for the state of ultimate power. When an atom is split, particles are released- neutrons, protons and electrons. The most powerful state of mind can be attained by identifying with the particle. Particles are present everywhere and have an unlimited nature. mind Science

The study of quantum physics, says Dr. Pillai, can be a creative exercise to acquire unlimited energy and power. The logic is simple. You become as you think. When you think of a particle, you become the particle.

First, we need to end our current way of thinking thoughts. When we think thoughts, we are in the Molecular mind science. Molecules are gross forms of matter with limited power. Similarly, human thoughts and feelings like anxiety, fear, anger and sadness limit us. Next, we need to focus on subtle particles to enter the Particle Mind. When we focus attention on the particles, we are accessing the domain of power. We go within and focus on the dynamics inside the body- the electromagnetic force within us, the neurons firing, nerve currents, how the blood moves in the system, etc. The focus on the particle gives us the unlimited nature and energy of the particle. We give up limited thinking when we are in the Particle Mind. In this realm, thoughts disappear and we are in the domain of infinite knowledge. In that domain of infinite knowledge, we access intuition, the power of creative action, and feel unbounded by time or space. Listen to Dr. Pillai speak about What is the Particle Mind and have An Experience of the Particle Mind or unlimited mind

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