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Dr. Pillai introduces a Siddha technique for living wisely, Samadhi Sleep Meditation..

samadhi sleep secret

I wish you a Happy New Year for all of you. This year is going to be a year of great achievement particularly for me and for all of those who are following me.

I have been sleeping a lot, ever since I came here to India. I don’t think that sleep is a waste of time. As a matter of fact, I have a new program that I’m very happy to announce called Living Wisely.

It’s a phrase that I borrowed from Shakespeare’s Othello. Othello at the end of the play says, “Here is a man who loved too much, but not wisely.” People don’t love wisely, and the same way, people don’t live wisely.

The new teaching under this series Live Wisely uses this new technology of sleep, but a Samadhi Sleep, a sleep with total attention. I will guide you through the process over a period of three hours in a row. We’ll just be lying and sleeping, and I will be leading you to get rid of your senses.

Isolation is the key word.

You are going to isolate yourself from the mind, from the senses, from your karma, from your ego.

When all of that is gone, what remains is yourself, and you need three hours to do that. It’s not enough, but it is a good start. You will certainly be able to feel the difference because you will fight with your mind for maybe twenty minutes, thirty minutes. After that you move into an Out-of-body experience.

The body becomes completely still. The mind disappears, and the sense data also disappear, and you are by yourself. That is Samadhi, and it is sleep because you have rested also.

Look, what everybody who has reached that level has said. They all said what matters, is the emptiness. You are not identified with anything, complete dis-identification with all that there is. At that level there is a level of intelligence, and from that level of intelligence spring forth great ideas, great understanding, ideas that have the potential to translate themselves into material reality.

In other words, you think from that level and manifest.

Living wisely also means thinking wisely. You can even bypass action. That’s what the Yogis do. They are not going to work hard through action because action is totally unnecessary.

All that they know is the realm of deep rest. And from that realm of deep rest, you have this wisdom. That wisdom gives you everything. Just by thinking, whatever you want, you attract.

Great things are revealed in that silence.

God Bless.

– Dr. Pillai

Be initiated into the 3 hour long experience during Dr. Pillai’s first Samadhi Sleep Meditation experience .

Samadhi Sleep Meditation

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