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One of the most universally loved planets, Venus, is now in trailblazer Aquarius, the natural house of friends, groups and social reforms.

This is a famously unconventional sign—because natives of Aquarius push for change and they cause a stir in the process. But they can also be traditional to a great extent, gaining a reputation for unpredictability due to these contradictions. Venus here is more interested in networking and common causes than relationships—unless, that is, the romantic partner likes social activism, science and large audiences.

Adding action-packed energy to this transit, Mars is sharing this sign with Venus and the two acquire some passionate characteristics through their conjunction.

Because flowing with the available energies is always a way to benefit and avoid mistakes, don’t miss the opportunities coming from the association of the planet of love and arts with the planet of action and aggression.

Learn six simple steps to make this time both exciting and favorable.

Learn your notes. If you have always wanted to study music or play an instrument, Venus and Mars will push you to enjoy yourself and indulge in your dream.

Got stars? Aquarius has a penchant for deep studies and its idealism turns our attention to a scientific scrutiny of the stars both through astronomy and astrology. These studies will be truly enjoyable because Venus would demand no less.

Have fun or walk away. If you are in a good relationship, then passion may be higher at this time and your romantic outings and attraction for each other will increase. But always choose love and not war.

Enjoy your fitness. Venus can now bring you a desire to wear attractive gym clothes—buy white and pink clothes for Venus, red for Mars, black for Saturn and dark gray for Rahu (the north lunar node also associated with Aquarius). These will be good choices to positively connect with these planets’ energies. And if you are in a relationship, exercising or practicing yoga together will be child’s play in comparison to the usual routine.

expand circle

Expand your circle. Despite being a social reformer and a humanitarian at heart, Aquarius can be too much of a loner. Venus here will make your networking exciting and take you to concerts, media events or political debates. What you will hear will not sound dry and you will like talking to people that you have never met before. Charitable causes to benefit women and girls may now become your focus.

Chant your heart out. Last, but not least, it’s very important to learn the sounds for pacifying the planets—because all of them bestow both negative and positive rays.





Enjoy the energies!

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Energetic Updates

by Lalitha Devi

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