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thai poosam

A string of Divine Beings with miraculous powers is set to arrive on February 2nd. Starting during the special 15th Moon, which culminates into the Full Moon in the early hours of February 3rd, we celebrate Thai Poosam. The Moon will be in Pushya, the most beneficial and spiritual constellation of all. This auspicious Moon will arrive on the heels of Dr. Pillai’s birthday and will shed divine light on all. All of the planets’ auspicious alignments on this day will contribute to the exceptional energies.

This Moon will be in Cancer, a nurturing and sensitive sign of the Moon. Learn below the names of the Gods who can help you on this very special day and what to do to summon them in your favor.

Ask for Jupiter’s grace.

Let’s admit it—without faith and a positive attitude, life can be full of daunting tasks. During this February full Moon, Jupiter will be exalted, a once-in-12-years occurrence. This planet takes the name of Brihaspati, a God who rules devotion and prayer. Invoke him with his mantra, or sound vibrations, OM GURAVE NAMAHA to receive gifts of financial wealth, blessings for your children, wisdom and an overall positive expansion in your life.

Expect Muruga’s intervention.

Delightful, yet powerful and fierce, Muruga is a young warrior God who comes from the Pleiades star group and who can dispel evil forces. This Full Moon is dedicated to him and this is a special time for miracles.

Among his superpowers, he can: destroy ignorance, remove your debts, and give you vigor and courage. And finally he can grant you victory. Call on him with the following sounds: OM MURUGAYA NAMAHA, and visualize a red light inside your brain and all over the universe.

Call on the Goddesses.

The Full Moon energy is rich with the Goddess’ powers. It is a traditional time for manifestation when we yield the fruits of our prayers.

Lakshmi will bless you with financial wealth when you chant OM SHREEM LAKSHMI NAMAHA.

Parvati will bless your relationships through the sounds OM KLEEM PARVATI NAMAHA.

Saraswati will bestow divine knowledge and wisdom with the mantra OM AIM SARASWATI NAMAHA.

More blessings.

As an extra bonus during Thai Poosam, the saint Swami Ramalingam will bless you on your way to spiritual enlightenment (chant ARUL). And Shiva, whose energy is also available on this special Full Moon—will bless you with all things material and spiritual.

Easy ritual.

On February 2nd after a shower, offer yellow, red, white and pink flowers to all the above celestial beings. Burn incense and a cow ghee lamp and offer lots of sweets or fruit. Add a cup of water to the offerings, chant the mantras for the deities and sincerely ask for your desires to be met and your problems to be solved. Trust that your prayers are always answered, keep a positive attitude and feel gratitude for these beings’ divine intervention.

Enjoy the energies!

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Energetic Updates

by Lalitha Devi

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