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Extended One Minute Guided Meditation

This is a special use of the mantra OM NAMASIVAYA, which contains all the sounds of nature, both masculine and feminine.

Dr. Pillai has said that this technique will help you to:

  •   Attract both prosperity and higher intelligence
  •   Be in the right place at the right time and doing the right thing
  •   To harmonize with all the elemental energies

OM = The primordial sound from which all other sounds originated. It also contains 3 types of consciousness, waking, sleeping, and dreaming, as well as the ultimate 4th state called turiya, or silence.

NAMASIVAYA is made up of the ‘seed’ sounds behind each of the five elements. Below you’ll find a brief description.

NA = Earth – material prosperity and health

MA = Water – emotions and creativity

SI = Fire/Light – love and consciousness

VA = Air/Prana – life force and vitality

YA = Space Energy – ultimate intelligence and enlightenment

These sounds together form OM NAMASIVAYA, which has the power of the entire universe packed into it.

This is one of those ‘if you just do one thing, do this’ type of techniques Dr. Pillai has given. It is extremely powerful meditation and has all-encompassing benefits.

Dr. Pillai is transmitting the power of this particular time on February 17th in a special Sivaratri Webcast and Initiation experience.

Sivaratri Webcast

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