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Dr. Pillai describes Hanuman’s unique role in the future of human evolution.

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Humans can evolve to the level of Hanuman.

According to the Vaishnavite tradition, Hanuman himself is not a God. He is a human who evolved to a level wherein he represents qualities of omniscience, omnipotence, and omnipresence. He can fly in the air. He can do things that are not possible for human beings.

Humans can evolve to a level of perfection like Hanuman, and that possibility is there for everyone—through the help of Hanuman.

Understanding Hanuman’s archetype and his teachings are very crucial for us who are preparing ourselves for the Golden Age.

What does Hanuman represent, this Monkey God?

He represents total service to humanity—how human beings can evolve to a life free from suffering, free from ignorance.

The Archetype of Hanuman is really the hope for humanity. The hope for humanity is that we can at some point in time be completely free of pain, free of ignorance, free of suffering. And I am very determined to bring that life to the Earth plane.

Hanuman really represents the future of humanity: to acquire unlimited intelligence. Not only unlimited intelligence, but unlimited power—energy to do everything.

Nothing Impossible

Hanuman is one of the archetypes of immense power.

One important factor about the Indian archetypes is they never became extinct and they never got disused. Hanuman is still very much alive, and each archetype comes alive at a certain period of time. Time plays a very important role.

In India, Hanuman statues are coming up everywhere. Humongous statues—sixty feet, seventy feet—everywhere. Even in Singapore there are a few statues sixty to seventy feet high. They have been built very recently which means that the archetype is very much alive and is trying to help humanity. So it’s a matter of establishing a relationship with this archetype.

It’s very strange because the archetype is represented in two ways. One is in a very miniature form, like one foot tall, and also about seventy feet tall. This archetype can assume these forms and then can do things that are humanly impossible.

The chants(hanuman meditation) for this particular archetype Hanuman, the monkey-faced God says that he does what is impossible.  The hymn says, is there anything that you cannot do?  Asadhya sadhaka Swamin.

He is the one who does the impossible. 

One ritual that drew my attention is providing a humongous amount of food, rice pudding particularly, to this archetype. They provide food up to a few thousand dollars, which is a lot of money in India. It might appear to be really a very primitive ritual because the primitive logic is that if you eat more food you will get more energy. It’s not as simple as primitive philosophy; it is very profound.

I only look upon the results and not judge.

Several of my people who follow my teaching have been through this ritual and had great success.

– Dr. Pillai

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