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Wonder what spiritual powers are like in the real world? Dr. Pillai explains…

miraculous powers

Siddhi Powers, simply put, mean miraculous powers, or powers that enable you to perform miracles.

And what’s a Miracle? A Miracle is something like: you have a disease, and there is no cure for the disease. Then with the involvement of siddhi powers, or divine powers, you can cure the disease. Similarly, if you are very poor, and then you come upon great wealth in a miraculous way, that is siddhi power.

Siddhi power is not just something happens to you by accident. Usually we call it fortune, or providence, and these are terms that cannot be scientifically explained. Providence or fortune, they are simply luck or accident phenomenon. But according to “The Father of Yoga”, Patanjali, these are powers that you can cultivate.

All that you need to do is to get beyond your rational mind, limited mind that is locked into cause and effect and logic. Logic is the stumbling block. And we have known no other reality other than cause and effect and logic.

There is a domain within our own consciousness which is non-logical, or translogical, which is capable of giving you these miraculous powers.

They are quite scientific as far as the steps are concerned; you move into this siddhi level of consciousness through the power of concentration, or by deploying a certain type of latent power within you.

Siddhi Powers are powers that you acquire through certain meditation practices that activate different parts of the brain, giving rise to different levels of consciousness that take you beyond logic and to the impossible.

That is our birthright.

Unlocking Patanjali’s Secret

After the siddha came into my life and told me Patanjali is in your consciousness, a lot of things happened. I began to understand the teachings of Patanjali in Sanskrit and their deeper meaning. And although Patanjali has been commented by scholars and mystics, they did not have the proper understanding.

The teaching that I’m going to do is directly from Patanjali’s consciousness which I came to live after meeting with the siddhas, and then after recognizing the power of the sounds that can create the consciousness.

Sounds create reality.

Patanjali gives the sounds to create different forms of siddhis. That’s why I want to use the words that Patanjali used; the secrets lie within the words and how you can use them. Up until now, particularly in the West, people use only a translation of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. I’m not saying it will not work. It will work maybe 20 percent, not more than that.

You have to use the Sanskrit Sounds and invoke his power—then and only then can you develop these siddhi powers that he talks about.

Why do we need these siddhi powers? Because we want miracles in our lives. We want money now. We want relationship now. We want the business now. We want a house now. We want a car now. But then the rational mind says, forget it. It’s not going to work.

Siddhis will enable you to go into that domain in order to acquire them in a miraculous way. Life itself is going to be guided by miracles.

Even before you think, things start happening.

Do these techniques, not just for fun or wasting time. It’s for growing and harvesting the richness and power that is latent within you, and that is freely available to you.

– Dr. Pillai

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