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Every once in a while, planetary alignments that may seem difficult can turn into a unique opportunity for self-growth and emotional mastery. In spiritual circles we call this process the ‘dark night of the soul’ or in more popular jargon, ‘facing our demons’.

The following planets are now in the fixed-water sign of Scorpio: slow-moving Saturn, planet of difficulties and delayed achievements, Mercury planet of speech and business, Venus planet of love and enjoyment, and the Sun, the luminary representing our soul and our true self. These planets are swimming together in the hot and mysterious waters of Scorpio where we either investigate our psyche or dig into world matters to extract secrets and ancient information. But here is the catch—these investigations are going to be very uncomfortable unless we master our emotions and become fearless.

Although fear is a natural reaction in challenging times, most spiritual traditions suggest that we must overcome this emotion for our own good and evolution.

If you have read the popular book “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway,” by Susan Jeffers Ph.D., you already know that there is much to gain in terms of success in our lives when we observe our fearful reactions but don’t let them stop us from starting a new enterprise.

In other words, success in our endeavors is all about being courageous, strong as steel and determined to succeed despite our inner turmoil.

So here is your chance to go deep into yourself and set to conquer your emotions that are getting in the way of new relationships, career moves, effective communication and more. Read below to learn six steps from the experts.

Just start. We have all been paralyzed, at times, as we were about to start a new venture. Often just getting into the preparatory stage of a new activity starts a process that has seemingly a life of its own. The details will take care of themselves.

Follow the yogic genius. Masters of human consciousness and knowers of even the most minute workings of the mind, the ancient yogis left thousands of years of guidelines to help us eliminate fear. Paramahansa Yogananda’s suggestion was to uproot all fears by concentration and by establishing ourselves in the peace of “the God within.” If you know that you are God and that your nature is essentially divine, you are more likely to trust yourself. You can also chant the sounds left by the Rishis (or ancient intuitive seers) to pacify the ruler of Scorpio, Mars, and his overlord Muruga: OM MANGALAYA NAMAHA, OM SHARAVANA BAVAYA NAMAHA.

choose love

Choose love. When someone is in a state of love and trust he or she will flow with life in more intelligent ways. One of the less desirable traits of Scorpio is suspicion due to fear of betrayal. Withholding our love usually turns into a self-fulfilling prophecy—we often manifest our expectations of others by subconsciously bringing our fears into life. Offering love and compassion usually yields better results.

Speak the truth. We have all been faced with the consequences of our lies—which are inextricably linked with our fears. Scorpio is secretive and known for both investigating and withholding information. But truth leads to a more desirable outcome—freedom. Calmly speaking the truth without animosity or secret agendas is a divine trait that can liberate you.

choose light

Stay away from darkness. Controversial and violent entertainment may seem a way to evade our monotonous routines through shocking and disturbing emotions. Yet no one is immune to such repetitive scenes of horror that lead to desensitization and lack of inner peace. As the yogis told us, where we put out attention that’s where our energy flows. Choosing pure and life-supporting activities helps us remain creative, and free from manipulations and fears. Similarly, it’s impossible to gain steady power through dark and dangerous occult activities—they backfire and bring grave consequences to the psyches and lives of the practitioners. As the ancient spiritual Indian texts declare, mastery of our own minds and powers can be attained through meditation and a pure lifestyle of duty and righteousness.

Be a friend to all. Scorpios are known for their tenacious attachments and loyalty in friendship. Needless to say, this is a lovely quality, especially if we can radiate this friendship to the world at large. We all need a friend and not just in times of need. Sharing ideas, fun and even foods with our friends and receiving their emotional support are key to a meaningful life. In Yogananda’s words, a pure friendship that is free of compulsion and sexual desire is, “the grandest of human loves.”

Enjoy the energies!

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