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In anticipation of Hanuman’s Birthday, Dr. Pillai shares a little known detail about the Monkey-headed archetype.

hanuman breathing

I’m in India in a remote village. It’s a kind of seclusion that I have imposed on myself to create things that I have been convinced would help the world. This seclusion is needed for that. I want to continue this because this seclusion is going to lay the foundation for New Wisdom to come about.

I’m very happy up until now, I’m kind of semi-retired. There have been a lot of requests, particularly from my staff, to do more videos, audios, etc., but I have been disinclined to do anything. But this time I just decided to do something that feels right within my own Higher Self, and I conceded for a webcast on Hanuman.

Hanuman is The Monkey God, who did not belong to mythology that’s dead, but a mythology, a reality or history that is alive.

Hanuman is an energy, an archetypal energy and existence symbolized by your own breath.

Hanuman is very important for every one of you who is breathing.

He is breathing, not human nostril breathing, but the breathing of the soul within your own brain.

Thirumoolar, one of the celebrated Siddhas of Tamil Nadu, said that you die because of breathing. It’s quite a controversial statement, but accepted by all of the Siddhas. Breathing is what kills you; it depletes you. You should not breathe, then you will live forever. The less air you breathe, the longer you live, even with regard to nostril breathing.

Hanuman holds the truth, the secret of breathing in the highest fashion. His method is superb to contain breathing and to acquire the Highest Wisdom.

I decided to do this webcast on Hanuman because I thought this would be useful for humanity. It’s a teaching of the Highest Order.

I’ve done this before for programs which are very expensive, but this time I thought that I would make it available to the people who can participate with a small fee, and that’s my gift for you during Hanuman’s Birthday.

I will do a webcast on “How You Can Acquire the Highest Wisdom to Solve Problems of All Kinds through Proper Breathing.” I look forward to doing this for the world.

God Bless.

– Dr. Pillai

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