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venus transiting

Astrology is a bit like the weather—the conditions keep changing and now and then people need to make some adjustments depending on what is going on. Similarly the planets bring us different patterns depending on their positions in the sky.

After much intensity when Venus and three other planets were in Scorpio, we finally get to sit back and enjoy a more philosophical view. In fact, Venus is now in Sagittarius soon to be joined by Mercury and the Sun in the same idealistic sign of Jupiter.

Venus represents what brings us happiness—for most of us this means love, romance, beautiful objects, fine arts and luxury. Sagittarius’ priorities encompass travels, spiritual and religious studies, and anything related to a higher perspective coming from our beloved teachers and our fathers. Additionally, wisdom, optimism and inspiration are domains of Jupiter.

Moreover, Jupiter is now exalted in Cancer—this is good news because the planets in his two signs are benefited due to his high dignity.

Since Sagittarius is very different from Scorpio, following some guidelines is a must for making the best of this transit. These six steps will ensure a happier path ahead.

Enjoy learning and teaching. Venus in Sagittarius is attracted to beautiful teachings and noble pursuits in our surroundings or in foreign lands. Not only will your love for your teachers be enhanced by this transit, but also you will find pleasure in teaching others about higher truths.

Be devotional. Often love must take on a devotional quality to survive the tediousness and the temptations of modern life. Venus in a Jupiter sign can add this desirable quality to our love relationship. Those who feel devotion toward a partner open and expand their hearts beyond passing attractions and momentary pleasures. Needless to say this process creates a deeper bond in their relationship. You can chant the following sounds to connect with both Venus and Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius: OM SHUKRAYA NAMAHA (for Venus), OM GURAVE NAMAHA (for Jupiter).

holding hands

Embrace an optimistic view of relationships. Jupiter grants unshakable optimism to the planets in its signs. Venus here is not afraid of relating to others and becomes hopeful and trusting. The Planet of love will also want you to choose a partner who is working toward your same higher vision.

Don’t ignore facts. A fiery and passionate Venus may expand our desires for relationship to the point of ignoring signs that we have overestimated someone. Make sure that others are truly what they seem. Also don’t neglect your finances while looking at life from a higher vantage point—practicality is a must.

Expand your love. Jupiter expands Venus’ desires and attraction can be strong now. Sentimental Jupiter in Cancer can give your love a deeper quality. But it’s important to remember to be charitable and help those who are not as fortunate as we are. As a result, even our personal relationships may improve through this shift from our own satisfaction to the happiness of others. And life can definitely be more meaningful when we are contributing to a happier world—volunteering and helping bring more justice and wealth to the less fortunate can grant us long-term satisfaction.

Hold onto your idealism. In the middle of the month Venus, the Sun and Mercury will be in Sagittarius—increasing our desire for loftier moral values. Many of us have recently reacted with disenchantment to some episodes in the news, which many interpret as a sign that justice and equality are just a utopia in these modern times. However, maintaining our idealism is probably a better way to cope by both keeping our thoughts positive and thus manifesting a better reality, and by transmitting our higher values (for which Sagittarius is known) to the younger generation. Together let’s create a Golden Age.

Enjoy the energies!

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by Lalitha Devi

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