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Goddess Varahi

Dr. Pillai: “Today is an auspicious day, the much awaited day for the Divine to answer the prayers of most people living on the Earth plane. Everyone knows that it has been a challenging time for quite some months, even beginning from 2020. But things have been escalating. 

This is the time that everything is going up: grocery bills, climate change, and destruction by water and fire, people losing their jobs, banks getting into trouble, and above all, war. 

How are we going to get out of all these problems that we are having? 

The only way is for God to come in to help, especially for the disadvantaged people 

The rich people somehow manage because they can deal with the problems because of the money situation. But anyway, why is this day very important? Because it is the day of Providence during this apocalyptic time. It is really the descent of God. You can relate to God through many ways, but the one that I am going to introduce you to is the descent of Varahi. 

I have been revealed that this Goddess, Varahi, is going to take care of you in a very intimate way on a one-on-one basis 

I am going to completely dedicate my own personal time, to invite her and introduce her to humanity so that they can take and benefit from her not on a daily basis, even on an hourly basis. 

Varahi is the Goddess who is going to rescue the Earth plane 

Within the context of the incarnations of Vishnu, she is the boar avatar, but she also has a feminine form. It is the feminine form of the Goddess called Varahi that I am going to introduce. Before I introduce you, I have summarized how difficult our life has been in almost all areas of our life. 

There is intervention of this deity who has already made her descent. She has the face of a boar and I will explain more. Her name is VA[A]-RA-HI, sometimes called Varahi. What is she going to do? Directly be in touch with every one of you regardless of who you are, and I will tell you how to contact her. I am going to do a fire ritual. I will also give you a very detailed description of how she can enter into the different parts of your body because of the position of the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter. It is very interesting. They are all in one sign Zodiac, which is Pisces.

I look forward to it. This is an invitation directly from Varahi to all of you to put an end to human suffering. God bless!”

Experience the presence of Goddess Varahi 

In this complimentary webinar with Dr. Pillai, you will be able to experience the presence of Varahi, the archetype who can remove your karma so that you can become pure and one with the Divine.

You are warmly encouraged to play this powerful mantra to remove negative forces and invoke her blessings.

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