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Dr. Pillai: “Particularly in the Indian context, whenever there is no help available for any given situation in life, you turn to the divine and one such God is Narasimha who is half-lion half-human.

Getting divine help is an age-old model followed by every tradition across the world. There are angels and God can send them to rescue you. 

I am going to talk about one such divine being.

Narasimha, half-lion, half-man being, is an Angel who comes and rescues people in difficulty 

Narasimha appears as fire; he is half-lion, half-human, with a very frightening look. Even the God of Death is afraid of him. If you pray to him, he will protect you. 

Narasimha is also the Avatar of Vishnu with the lion’s face and claws with which he destroyed this demon who denied God. The mythology says that there was a demon who was terrorizing the demon’s son. The demon was a king. His son proved to be the Nemesis of the demon and upon the request of the demon sent this angelic being Narasimha who is a form of Vishnu. 

He just came out of a pillar and then killed the demon, and this is the story element. The story element is important, too because of the narrative. It is not just a story, but even then to look at the form which technically is called an archetype is very therapeutic for the mind, for your emotions, and also to solve the problems.

The denial of God is the problem. 

That is how you have to understand the necessity of Narasimha during this time

We are living in a Godless, soulless world. It is very difficult to relate to God. 

That is why in many of my teachings, I just want to talk to people in realistic terms of fulfilling their material needs so that once they are satisfied with that, they can go to God. 

What we need is to solve a problem and I have been very much involved in doing that for quite some time.

There is a definite advantage using these angelic beings. 

One such being is this half-lion half-man being who comes and rescues people in difficulty

The image [of Narasimha] is very important. If you have that image looked at and cherished there will be a number of problems solved all in a very Divine way.”

Receive Blessings from the Ferocious Angel of Protection Narasimha the Lion-Man God

Call upon him Narasimha in times of need to destroy negative forces. He can bless you with beauty, happiness, and prosperity and protect you from evil and danger.

Play and/or chant this powerful mantra to receive his blessings and protection.


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