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Dr. Pillai: “At every yuga, (a period of time that comprises tens of thousands of years), the world goes through a cycle and new beings come into being. You would be able to relate to those Gods because they are more dependable. 

You can relate to them more because they understand the need of the time. That God or Goddess is Varahi. 

Varahi is the God that understands the predicament of the scientific mind of our current period on this Earth plane 

We cannot trust in God. God has to do something to earn our trust.  What does that mean? It means the God or Goddess or whoever that is, has to perform and satisfy us. This is very important to know. 

What I am saying is, Varahi is the Goddess that has just descended and has become so popular. One thing that I can say about the Goddess is she is a no-nonsense God, with no unnecessary long rituals, no waiting for a long time, no challenges to satisfy our intellect, and it is very easy to contact her. 

With all the challenges I have listed, I am going to talk about it and give you a proper understanding. 

On April 15th, I am going to do an exclusive seminar on Varahi, how to use her energy, and how to benefit from it 

From the new Goddess, (not exactly a new Goddess), but the Goddess that existed prior to this during the Golden Age. The Golden Age is coming; before that, there will be a lot of destruction. We are ahead of it in getting to know about the Goddess and how to use her for our own benefit. 

The first thing is you should be able to trust the God or Goddess and that part will be facilitated by Varahi. You can talk to her. 

We are in a desperate need to fix our personal problems, the problems we are facing with climate change, etc. 

All these can be mitigated, if not solved, through Varahi 

This is a prayer that will satisfy your intellect and bring a reality which is beyond the intellect; an interaction with a being that can go not only up to 10 dimensions, but infinite dimensions, raising you up to that dimension, and enabling you to converse with that dimension and get results. This is how the future of religion is going to be. 

Varahi is the number one [archetype] who is willing to work with you because that is part of her being here in the pre-dawn time of the Golden Age, which will experience an apocalypse on the one hand and also transition into the Golden Age. 

The good news is you do not have to depend on the old mind, the skeptical mind, the doubtful consciousness, which is very innate to 21st century human beings. That is all that we have to do. The mantras are going to work better now. The mantras were created during the Satya Yuga – Golden Age. They worked at that time. We went through many degraded levels of vibrations representing what is outside and inside our consciousness.

Our bodies and minds degraded, and the environment and external reality also exhibited corruption. Time also became a challenge. All of these will be changed. 

The moment you say the sound ‘VA,’ there will be a response. 

The Significance of Goddess Varahi’s Name 

Va’ is a password to contact this divinity, Varahi.

She has no option but to respond. ‘Ra,’ has a tremendous amount of energy that accompanies it. When you combine these two, there is one set of responses to the individual sound Va, and then there is another set of responses when you combine ‘Va’ with ‘Ra.’ 

Similarly, ‘Ra‘ also has its own value and response. ‘Va-Ra‘ comes with a tremendous amount of energy, light, and heat. ‘Hi’ (pronounced as ‘hee’) gives us happiness, bliss, and fulfillment through a boon. That sound also carries a boon.

What is a boon? A boon is blessings from a divine being living in the extra dimensions, where it is not difficult to manifest instantaneously. 

Varahi is a thought manifestation 

A thought and object are one and the same.  

There is a requirement to what I call, “Matterization of a thought.” You have to matterize a thought; it has to become a matter.  Matterization is a technology known to this Earth Goddess. 

The Goddess who relates to the Earth is Varahi

It is an Earth Goddess as much as the Goddess from the Heavens, but she is mostly an Earth Goddess. For now, what do you have to do? You have to do the “Varahi ” mantra.

Close your eyes and listen.

Varahi (3x) 

Just wait for at least thirty seconds to a minute for her to respond. She is responding but our skeptical, doubtful mind requires that 30 seconds or a minute to wait. There will be some electrical energy flowing through your body and mind.


The sound will take you beyond your doubts, skepticism to a domain of thought–matter amalgamation and unity. 

Va Ra Hi. Varahi.

Do not rush, wait, experience, and then move. That waiting period is very important. The Bible talks about waiting on God and feeling his presence. 

You should not pray if there is no presence or response. There will be a response. What if she does not respond? I will talk about all of this, about 10 items to talk about. I will do that on the 15th–the whole technology behind Varahi and how the process of matterization in the context of the Golden Age and how to understand the universe, the Earth plane, and our consciousness differently. 

I am very thankful to Varahi for being here for us to solve our physical problems in a physical way through an enlightened prayer tool that we need to relate to a being that is available to help us. God bless.”

Perform Rituals with Mini Varahi Statue 

According to sacred texts, Varahi is the Goddess of the Earth, with the face of a wild boar. Varaha Purana hails the Supreme Mother as the feminine energy of Varaha avatar, the boar avatar of Lord Vishnu, and granter of boons. 

You can carry a 1.5-inch 5-metal miniature Varahi statue energized in grand finale ceremonies along to feel her presence and positive vibrations wherever you are and attain success in your endeavors.

You will receive the energized product which will be blessed in the rituals. Keep this on your meditation altar.

Play this powerful mantra to remove negative forces and invoke her blessings.

Watch Full Replay with Dr. Pillai 

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