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Siddhi Powers

Dr. Pillai: “How can I practice out-of-the-box thinking? I end up thinking the same patterns of thoughts over and over again. It is almost impossible for me to have new thoughts. For instance, I have been doing this same job for decades; it is because I have the same thoughts, identities, and ideas, over and over again. 

How can I get out of this robot-like thinking? How can I get out of this robot thinking and practice out-of-the-box thinking?

First of all, you should know what thinking is. You have to know the first step in the process. The first step is you ask the question of whether a thought comes first or a word comes first. This is what the yogis suggest to lead to out-of-the-box thinking.

You can go to Patanjali who is the “Father of Yoga” who will teach you that. 

The ultimate goal is to get Siddhi powers 

These are miracle-making powers, where you are not subjected to any laws, any restrictions of anything.

You are literally omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient, and that characterizes the Siddhi powers of the highest thing. There may be lower levels of Siddhi powers, where there is manipulation. Manipulation using your lower intelligence, manipulation using the principles of the five elements, manipulation using the different angels – these are Siddhi powers. 

There are different level categories of Siddhi powers 

The ultimate Siddhi power that Ramalingam is talking about is beyond the level of the Buddha, who talked about the emptiness.

There is a siddhi power which is unlimited Siddhi power, and he called it Jnana Siddhi. Jnana Siddhi is the supreme intelligence that gives you un-manipulated, natural ability to do and know everything. Human beings are eligible for those powers which are the ultimate of human evolution.

Human evolution is going to characterize 2023. I am committing myself particularly to that process, beginning February 1st. I just want to invite the entire world, the entire scientific community, technology community, of AI or EI, all to participate in that enlightenment.

It is a matter of transmitting the un-transmittable through words, through initiations, through touch. It is beyond all language, it is beyond all transmission and everything that can be possibly conceived in human understanding.

Siddhi powers come as a result of understanding thought becoming matter 

I will explain how you can get enlightenment from an ignorant mind, and also how to get Siddhi powers of manifestation, understanding Mind and Matter, using different modules, different traditions, through the instruction, initiation, and transmission. 

I want to bless you to have the commitment. I will put my energy out to you so that you will no longer be committed to non-commitment. Most people are committed to non-commitment and you should be committed. To what? To the moment, to unlimited life, to bliss. God bless.”

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