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Merging with God

Dr. Pillai: “I just said a silent prayer to myself that everyone should become enlightened. It is not a philosophical term, enlightenment. It is a practical term or word. What is the practicality of enlightenment? 

Enlightenment is knowing about everything 

When you can know about everything, then there will not be any ignorance. Then you will know the present, past, future, everything. There will be no ignorance at all. We have all the ability when God created us. In the Bible, when God created, He created Adam in his own image.

That means, Adam could create just like God created. How did God create? He created by just thinking, or saying, “Let there be light, and light was there, and everything was there.” We have the same ability to do it. 

We have the ability to manifest our thoughts 

Unfortunately, the content of our thoughts creates the problem. One thing that is important to know is Thought Manifestation is dangerous.

What happens if all our thoughts manifest? There should be a check so that we do not keep on creating problems for us and for others.

You have to know what you want to create 

Know what you want to think, and what you want to create. If a negative thought comes, and that thought should not take place, or it can be changed in another way. That is also possible. That is a great manifestation. You will make mistakes, but those mistakes are not going to hurt you. The mistake was a wrong thought.

The prayer I said just before I started this, that everybody should be protected. We will be able to just not simply manifest homes, cars – these are all important but not as important as enlightenment.

Merging with God and experiencing God is not simply a concept for theologians, philosophers, and mystics, but for everyone. When you feel God who is nothing but a personification of bliss and no identity but bliss itself, if anybody at least even for some time experiences that bliss, then you will not be involved in hurting others, hurting yourself, but to make you happy, others happy, and the world happy. Why can’t we do that? Because our life is such a contradiction.

But there is a remedy. It is happening as I speak to you. I invite you to come and join that program on February 4, where I will share with you how to be blissful, how your mind can stop an accident by just doing something at a deeper level to avoid problems. It is all in your consciousness. Your consciousness is everything. 

Life is consciousness 

But then collectively, we have made a decision that consciousness should not be studied anywhere; only people who are religious or spiritual are lost in this unreality. What is real is to go for money, food, and sex, and that is real. The government, schools, and colleges in our life have been misdirected. As a result, everybody is suffering. There is no one who is not suffering.

But still they are not able to get out of this mind, the body, ego, and your desire to show off. I am very happy that I could share this with you. Not even for one second should anyone have to suffer because it is not desirable. 

What is desirable is to merge with God

Everybody is God, too. That is the message that I wanted to give you today and 

then it will also expand on and give more at that time as my understanding reveals at that time, a bigger, greater blissful teaching. God bless!”

Dr. Pillai’s 2023 Birthday Blessings

An Enlightened Master’s birthday is considered one of the most important days to be in his or her presence. It is a sacred opportunity to receive his or her divine energetic transmission, known as Darshan. 

Dr. Pillai’s Birthday timeframe offers a powerful opening to absorb his grace and blessings, which are heightened during this period  and can support and guide you on your spiritual journey.

Access Dr. Pillai’s powerful miracle consciousness on his birthday, which can empower you for a lifetime in 3 live events with Dr. Pillai.


Watch Replay of Dr. Pillai’s Special Message on His Birthstar Birthday


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