Sadness is a deep thought, a still thought, and we do not know why it makes us feel the way it does. In between two thoughts, there is nothingness. That nothingness is a state of bliss. In between two thoughts there is emptiness or Nirvana.

There is a saying, “thoughts are our guests; they check in and check out.” We are the host, the one who experiences these thoughts through the synaptic gap. In order to find and kill these roots of sadness, we have to go into the synaptic gap.

I am going to teach two techniques that will help you to cope with sadness and experience bliss.

Purnam-adah purnam-idam

Purnaat purnam-udachyate

Purnasya purnam-aadaaya


There is only one thing that exists, and that is completeness and bliss. There is nothing else, just completeness and bliss, but the mind brings in many thoughts, some of which cause sadness and pain.

Sadness is a very deep thought form, it never leaves. It is very powerful. It makes the heart heavy and causes pain and distress. Sadness is Maya, an illusion. You are bigger than an emotion, which is just a deep thought.

Have you ever noticed that when you take a relaxing shower you enter a different state of consciousness?  This state of consciousness is highly susceptible to the suggestions in the following meditations.

Meditation One

Close your eyes.

Assume that you have taken a shower and are now sitting comfortably and relaxed. In front of you is a table or a wall.You notice a being, a replica of yourself standing before you. This white, luminal being— your reflection—is upside down. The head is on the floor, and the feet are pointing towards the sky. You walk over to the feet and massage them. 

Your reflection now enters your body and merges with you. But still your feet face upwards and settle in the brain. Put your hand on your brain and give it a gentle massage. You are massaging the feet of your reflection, which have now become the brain of your physical body. Massage gently and lovingly.

Look into the eyes of your reflection, and as you do so, notice how all thoughts of sadness pour out of your eyes and into the sky.

Meditation Two

Focus on your right eye. A light is shining into this eye and shooting into your right brain, filling the right brain with light. 

Now, the light is shining into your left eye and shooting into your left brain, filling the left brain with light. The entire brain is filled with light.

There are so many things that happen when you perform this technique. Billions of synapses are created. The light body now enters your physical body through your nostrils.

Breathe in your light body and place it in the pituitary gland where it will change old memories. Old identities and old thoughts—they will disappear. Your whole body is now filled with light.

You don’t even exist. Your body has become light and has merged into the light.


Om purnam-adah purnam-idam

Purnaat purnam-udachyate

Purnasya purnam-aadaaya


You are now full. You are bliss, total bliss. Your sadness is gone. You are full of light and joy and bliss.

God Bless.

Dr. Pillai 


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