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Aadi Amavasya

Aadi Amavasya 2022

The Aadi, or Ashadha, is a month of the Hindu calendar corresponding to June/July in the Gregorian calendar. According to the Tamil calendar, the Aadi month starts on Thursday, June 30, 2022, and ends with Aadi Amavasya on Thursday, July 28, 2022. 

The Amavasya tithi (moon phase) falling in the Aadi month is considered significant, and people perform special Tarpanam rituals to their ancestors on this day. 

Amavasya – New Moon day

Amavasya is the perfect day to perform the Tarpanam rituals to your ancestors. It occurs every month, and the Moon will not be visible in the sky on this day. Hindus consider Amavasya (New Moon Day) as one of the important tithis of the Hindu calendar. 

On Aadi Amavasya, the souls of your ancestors will be more willing and become capable of fully crossing over to the other worlds. When you offer special worship and food to your ancestors on this momentous day, they become happy and satisfied and shower their blessings upon you. 

The blessings your ancestors bestow upon you on this day are extraordinary and can not only remove obstacles that cross your path, but also transform your life.

Tarpanam Rituals

A ritual called Tarpanam is an ideal way to connect with your ancestors. Tarpanam refers to the act of offering food to the departed Souls. These Souls come and hang out with you, and require food and water. The Tarpanam ritual might seem very naïve to you, but the results experienced by this practice may surprise you. 

Offering Tarpanam to the souls of your ancestors can help you make them your most significant benefactors.

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Soul Genetics: The Genes of the Soul 

Just as you inherit genes from your parents, your grandparents, great grandfather, grandmother, and great, great grandparents, you also inherit their Soul. Your Soul is not different from the Souls of your ancestors. Just as there is a lineage on the level of the genes, biological genes, there is the Soul’s inheritance, which can be termed ‘Soul Genetics.”

-Dr. Pillai 

DNA of the Soul

“The metaphor, D.N.A., applies to the genes and the Soul. Several ancient cultures believe that your well-being is dependent on your ancestors, who might not exist in the physical form currently, but still exist in Soul forms” 

-Dr. Pillai 

If you propitiate your ancestors regularly, they will bless you with good things in life. Propitiation of the Souls of the ancestors has been practiced in India since ancient times, and there is vast literature on these related rituals. 

How To Be Free From the Influence of Your Ancestors

Dr. Pillai explains why it is important to be free from the influence of your ancestors:

“The ancestors, although they have given up their bodies and are dead now, are still living there in another dimension in a Soul form, and your Soul is connected to their Soul because it’s the same Soul by standards of Soul Genetics. For you to be completely free from their influence, you must somehow let these Souls give up their interest in you.” 

Being free from their impact will be helpful to have your own thoughts, use the contemporary wisdom available, and not be conditioned by the Souls of your ancestors.  

Staying free from your ancestors’ influence can help heal the diseases that have been passed down to you from them, resolve financial problems, and relationship issues.

Aadi Amavasya: New Moon That Helps Your Ancestors Cross Over

Dr. Pillai says that it is challenging to progress in life without the blessings of your ancestors. Moreover, familial curses can become major impediments to your happiness and prosperity. However, when your ancestors are satisfied and cross over successfully, they can become your greatest benefactors, bestow their abundant blessings to remove blockages to your progress, and provide wealth and overall well-being for you and your future generations.

Aadi Amavasya, the New Moon in July, is one of the most important days to honor your ancestors as they are more willing and able to come down to the Earth plane and receive special offerings and prayers to help liberate them and enable them to ascend to higher planes.

To help you take advantage of this ancestral powertime, Pillai Center has designed a special suite of services that will be performed by learned priests which include sponsoring Tarpanam (Ancestral Ritual) at 2 prominent salvation Powerspots, 2 Grand Fire Labs, a Sacred Vedic Text Reading, Food Feeding, Donations, and Cow Feeding rituals to help appease your ancestors, free them from their suffering, and invite their blessings to remove hardships in life, resolve problems, and restore your wealth and well-being.

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