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Ganesha's Birthday

Dr. Pillai: “Ganesha’s birthday falls on August 30th. I remember that Ganesha is not only worshiped in India, but in Japan, China, and even in Sedona. 

Ganesha is an energy. He is a deity who controls and removes obstacles. Obstacles are stumbling blocks more often than not. They are not known ahead of time. They are unforeseen. 

You take a project and then halfway through the project, there is an obstacle that you did not anticipate at the time that you started your project. That is why the Yogis recommend that before you start the project, go to Ganesha, because he knows hidden objects that lie in the future. He has a special intelligence called Siddhi and Buddhi.

These are faculties that could give a person understanding of what is going to happen in the future that is not known in the present. 

That is Ganesha’s specialty

Every year we do special services for Ganesha, and there are different forms of the Ganesha energy that are worshiped differently. 

The term for God is Deva. Deva means a shining being and they are super intelligent beings and they can help us a lot. Ganas are a set of beings like angels. “Ganesha” means the head or the lord of Ganas. His intelligence is geared to getting things accomplished in a very short span of time, and in a very intelligent way.

He is also a God who takes on the karma of people. 

There is a Neem Ganesha which I have made out of the Neem wood that I have recommended for people that brings an incredible amount of understanding, and also material benefits for those people who work on the Neem Ganesha. There is a special ritual where you bring Ganesha into your home for just one day. This is what they do in India. 

They make a clay Ganesha and keep it just one day on his birthday and dissolve it in the ocean or the river. This is a very important ritual where Ganesha absorbs all of your karma. When he is dissolved, your karma dissolves. So this is something that I have experimented in the lives of countless of my devotees that Ganesha does relieve the suffering of people. 

But clearly on this day, you have put your karma into the clay image of Ganesha. 

This is a very powerful ritual. It can make your life very easy.

If you want to establish a connection with Ganesha, the best time is doing this on His birthday.

What can Ganesha do for you?

He will liberate you from the tyranny of the Mind and NeoCortex. He will show you the things that you do not know. You know what you know. You do not know what is hidden. 

You are often attached to your job. The job defines you. Outside that, you do not know. Why was Tim Cook born and raised in America? Why did he go all the way to India and particularly to this temple of Ganesha in Mumbai? 

There was a conscious decision, of course, but that decision was inspired by Ganesha, the intuitive power. 

Ganesha means Intuition 

Just go on and do research on Google. Try to look at what the structure of the Elephant Brain is. 

Ganesha is not stupid. If you understand the Elephant’s Brain and compare it to the human brain, you will understand a lot. 

It would be a great service to Humanity to introduce Ganesha. 

He represents the intuitive Brain, the effectual Mind or Brain, without the cause. 

He does not need a cause. He has a shortcut for everything. Hold on to him. The greatest discovery of the mystics is Time and Mind are one and the same. It is logic. It is a stuck condition and we have to get out of that. You cannot get out of that on your own. That is why I have brought Ganesha to do that for you.”

Mantras To Invoke His Energy

Ganesha’s birthday is the most important powertime of the year to welcome the elephant-headed archetype of obstacle removal into your life. You can connect with his energy to cleanse bad karma and enjoy prosperity, success, and new beginnings of all kinds.

Use the following Ganesha mantra audios to invoke Ganesha’s energy during his birthday. You can chant along with the audio or listen to it in a quiet meditative state: https://soundcloud.com/pillai-center/om-gum-ganapataye-namaha-chant-with-dr-pillai 


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