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demons and mantras

Dr. Pillai: “I am a specialist in mantras. I have done all mantras, not only in this lifetime, but throughout many lifetimes. I have worked on mantras and studied how they work. A mantra is a magic word. If you use the word, you will manifest the energy associated with the mantra. Then it came to my mind that people should meditate on the most contemporary but powerful mantra. 

The Dynamics of Mantras

Demon is disease, poverty, negativity, and all these things. We have to understand the dynamics of a mantra. If you use that word, you will become that person or word you are using. 

Demons are destroying your health 

You should have perfect health. If you have a disease, that is a demon. Demon as I said, is a semantics of the older age. That does not mean demons do not exist. Demons do exist; I see them. If you have your vision to see things that are nonphysical, then you will see. There are many people who can do that; I am not the only person. You have to cast all your demons in order to get healthy; you have to care to stop the demon. If you want to live a longer life, you have to do that. 

What is destroying your health? Aging, all these things are due to demons. Otherwise you are immortal. That is why debt itself is a demon. When Milton wrote “Paradise Lost,” he called the fruit in the Bible “death.” That mortal fruit that brought death into the world was Paradise Lost. That is how the Paradise was lost to us because of death. Death is not the biggest demon. If you have God on your side, you can fight that death, too. This is all metaphysics. I began with saying that poverty is a demon, and most people are subjected to this demon of poverty.

You have to destroy this demon, and only then you can have prosperity consciousness

When we say demon, it is not just a negative spirit. One of the best teachings I have read in Zen Buddhism is that human nature is to be negative. You have 30 to 35 thoughts a minute. If you analyze your thoughts, how many thoughts are positive, unlimited thoughts? 

I know in the Bible it says that you can get into the eye of a needle, but not the rich man. That was written by a poor person, perhaps. It was interpolated because Jesus said, ‘If you buy it in me, my words will buy the new. Ask whatever you want, and that shall be done. Even in the Old Testament, “Ask me what I will give, the end of the Earth as your inheritance, end of the Earth.” Why have we created poverty? It is because we have become victims to the demon. The demons of poverty and negativity. There are very easy ways of doing it. 

Why Mantras are Needed

Mantras are needed to stop the mind. Yoga is stopping the mind. “Chitta Vritti Nirodha” is a mantra that helps do this. The moment you say Chit, the breath and mind will momentarily stop. You have to feel the tongue touching the palate, near the front teeth. The sounds create reality.

Then that transformed mind moves from a negative, demonic reality to a reality of unlimited understanding through the sound. This is casting off demons. If you want to benefit from my teachings, you have to practice and experience it for yourself.”

Module V of Mystery School 2022 | Angels and Demons Within and Without

Understanding angels and demons can lead you to a supernatural life of miracles. Module V of Mystery School 2022 focuses on angels and demons within and without. 

Scriptures of almost all religions talk about angels and demons. Science and technology being victims to rationality are the biggest superstitions that modern man has created. 

Discover how to live the Divine mind through the science of delimitation in Dr. Pillai’s Mystery School 2022.



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