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Dr. Pillai: “When I first started teaching, it came to me that my being here used to cast off these demons of poverty, disease, and old age. All these are demonic. You have to cast them off. I am visualizing a medicine where in the hospital you get cancer treatment. But simultaneously, you have to cast off the demon that created the cancer. There are fantastic ways of doing that. Professor Mircea Eliade is the number one professor of religion because he had knowledge of all regions. 

He was at the University of Chicago and Romania. I have never known anybody who is an encyclopedia of all traditions. He wrote a book called “Comparative Religion.” Everybody should read it. He says everything changes. In the olden days, there were shamans who were casting out demons. 

Nowadays we have psychiatrists and doctors who do that. But that is a different methodology. That methodology is even better than the methodologies we have in many ways. 

The Throat is Where Demons Reside

Using a mantra like “Thiru Neela Kantam,” which I have extensively taught, can help with this problem in the throat where the demons reside. This is ancient knowledge. Today they say yes, all infections of the thyroid are there. They can go beyond thyroid and see the throat X-ray and see demons there, and cast them out. Just put a light in here, visualize a blue light on the throat.That will cast off demons, diseases, poverty, all kinds of things that you do not like in your life. 

You are responsible for everything in your life

The best realization one can have is to say, “I am negative and that is the reason why I am not succeeding in life. I am always putting the blame on others.” That is why I used to say, if you are to blame someone, blame yourself. The moment you blame somebody else, there is something deeply wrong with you. You are responsible for everything, disease, poverty, and not having any relationships in your life. All of them are due to negativity, which I call demons. 

The most important thing is that demons in my definition are negativity. This can be negativity towards wealth, health, relationships, etc. The ancient people were all in touch with Gods and now science has taken the place of God, but that is a big limitation. Einstein knew of that and then said “science is lame.” It is lame because it cannot run. Science has to join with God-religion, which is blind unfortunately. Blind faith is more dangerous. It is the blind way that there are no demons and angels. 

If you remain quiet, even for one minute, be still and know you are God. 

You do not have to go and do anything, or study anything. Just remain quiet. 

Demon is behind poverty, aging, death, separation, and words. The words create poverty, aging, and death. The sounds are very important. What you say or think is very important. I gave you two things and you may have already forgotten. Why are you forgetting important things? Again, demons. That is why I keep on repeating and  teaching because of that fruit. God said, “Do not eat that fruit of knowledge.” The demon said, “Fruit of knowledge is bad? Do not believe in God. He does not want you to become as powerful as He is.” The worst experience after they tasted the fruit was that they knew. Prior to that knowledge, what was their wisdom? They knew everything. How? Through not knowing. That is why when you know, you do not know, and when you do not know, you know. That is why God did not want people to know. 

Quantum physics says the same thing. Go to the quantum ground state of zero entropy. At that level, you are non-local, you are everywhere. Identify yourself with that quantum reality, with the particle wave reality. How do you do that? “Chit, chit.” Say it with me and experience it. 

Then that transformed mind can move from a negative, demonic reality to a reality of unlimited understanding through the sound. This is casting off demons. If you want to benefit from my teachings, you have to practice and experience it for yourself.”

Mystery School 2022: Module V

Demons cause diseases, poverty, misunderstanding between people, confusion, lethargy, depression, jealousy, fear, negative thinking, and unfortunate events such as accidents and delays.

Learn how to cast off demons by living the Divine Mind through the science of delimitation in Module V of Mystery School 2022, beginning July 12th. 

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