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pcblog post 7-13-2015 - leo sun

As much as we love exalted Jupiter in Cancer and no matter how it worked out, it’s time to move on and prosper from Jupiter in Leo, a fire sign. This positive transit will begin on July 13, 2015 and last until August 11, 2016!

Luckily, Jupiter is moving into best-friend territory ruled by the Sun. From here his wisdom, expansion and superbly beneficial influence will grace areas ruled by the Sun—government, intelligence, self-esteem, power and energy.

Additionally Jupiter will contribute to the good fortune of the natural 5th house, where higher education, emotional intelligence, children, creativity, love, performing arts and divine grace belong.

Jupiter might also bestow a much needed positive and righteous influence on politicians and leaders who might now display more wisdom.

We all wish for a better and more just world.

Because stern Saturn is now staring at Leo, it’s important to tend to our duties as ethically and righteously as we can—the reason being that there is the possibility for long-term consequences from breaking universal laws. Dharma, or duty and righteousness will guarantee that you enjoy only the best aspects of this transit.

So, learn what to expect from this yearlong transit and be handsomely rewarded by the planet of positive expansion with these six steps.

1. Ancestral power

As Jupiter enters Magha, star of royalty and ancestors, make a strong intention to respect your superiors and family members.

Not surprisingly, those of royal blood usually honor their ancestry and have strong ties to their origins. If you are familiar with ancestral rituals such as Tarpanam, perform it at home or order it through AstroVed.com.

Your own power and well-being will increase as you receive the blessings of your departed ancestors.

2. Foster your inner child

Whether you have children of your own does not matter—you can now enjoy teaching, entertaining and playing with children.

At the same time, you could take some time to play and enjoy getting in touch with the childlike part of you. Swinging, swimming, playing a sport, taking up studying classical music or another art form can now expand your soul’s reach.

We spend much of our time unconsciously scolding ourselves for our mistakes or inefficiency. But when you love your inner child, you notice that life becomes easier and that your creativity soars.

pcblog post 7-13-2015 - leo sun 2

3. Access the divine in you

Jupiter is granting you the kind of wisdom that brings you material wealth, while also turning your gaze to higher dimensions.

If you haven’t already experienced this, you might now acquire a strong desire to learn new spiritual avenues to reach deeply into your inner divinity.

Your spiritual practice will increase your intelligence, too.

4. Love wisely

Expansive Jupiter will gift you with plenty of optimism and a desire for new love. An existing relationship could also take a turn towards commitment.

Due to the influence of Saturn and the presence of Venus, love matters could also bring you a realization that a relationship won’t work in the long run.

You could also form a new, more committed and satisfying connection.

5. Divine grace

Both Jupiter and the natural 5th house indicate divine grace. Remember to banish pessimism and keep your faith in the divine—not only is this a powerful technology for manifesting what you want, but also for expanding your spiritual understanding of the cosmos.

Remember to turn thoughts of gratitude to gurus, masters and teachers without whom we might lack higher intelligence and knowledge.

6. Divine superpowers

It goes without saying that we can’t do it all alone and specialized rituals can help immensely to change negative karma that stops divine grace and miracles.

Besides reciting Jupiter’s special sounds OM GURAVE NAMAHA on Thursdays, you can order fire rituals to this planet to access divine superpowers.

Enjoy the energies!

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