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pcblog post 7-20-2015 - sun in cancer

Hopefully by now you have set in motion your marketing or PR campaigns and you’ve positioned yourself to turn into the number one person in your field—no? If not, it’s time to change strategy as the king Sun, Vedic planet of power and success, government and VIPs, vitality and personality is about to turn a bit softer—but not entirely.

The reason is that the Sun is now in Cancer, the soft hearted and emotional sign of the Moon where both nurturing and changeable moods are at home. This makes for a bit of a clash with the interests of the Sun, but his majesty by overseeing our soul can handle just about anything. In fact, like the other luminary the Moon, he is a planet that is pretty comfortable in every sign except, of course, his sign of debilitation.

So how will the Sun in Cancer be for you? Will you drown in a sea of emotion or will you sail nonstop to your achievements?

You can definitely succeed in all your enterprises by implementing the six easy guidelines below, to make the best of this watery transit, from July 16 until August 17, and avoid its less desirable traits.

1. Loving father

Guiding others to their success, like a good father, can help you with your own achievements, just as king Rama sacrificed himself and rescued oppressed people along with his wife. Avoiding excess emotion but feeling the pain of others can make you both successful and heroic—without risking your life.

2. Feel your way

You might suddenly have some intuition on how to better your work affairs. Your usually rational personality might give way to a more sentimental approach—you were born to be at the top to rule over your life. Both the less powerful and your country need you to step up and help them.

3. Daily renewal

You might have to work harder at keeping your resolve, as your fluctuating interest in your work requires a daily commitment. Keeping your mind on your goals will grant you an awesome deal or a higher income. Strengthen your resolve to avoid dropping the ball just before your achievement.


4. Shining health

Walking in the early morning Sun or sunbathing in the cooler hours will give you a stronger body and abundant production of much-needed Vitamin D. In fact, the Sun rules the bones and not surprisingly, he can help you to make them stronger.

5. Strengthen your digestion

You may now need to pay attention to your digestive system to keep your inner fire stoked and your energy levels high.

The Sun rules digestion and in Cancer the digestive fire is slightly dimmed. Work with your physician, Ayurvedic consultant or nutritionist to find ways to stay strong and vital at all times.

6. Celestial powers

Ensure your staying power at work or in other endeavors by turning to celestial means of success. The spiritual realms offer plenty of help through meditation or rituals.

Meditate on the Sun god with his sounds OM SURYAYA NAMAHA on Sundays. Simply recite these sounds 108 times and feel your renewed power. Or listen to a recording of the Gayatri Mantra.

It’s important to remember that specialized Vedic rituals and particularly Fire Labs are an instant portal into powerful celestial dimensions.

Enjoy the energies!

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