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planet Jupiter transit

Dr. Pillai: ”One thing that is important for you to understand is how to control your mind. This is the time to control your mind. Your mind is everything. By Mind I mean your thought process. 

Align your thought process with Jupiter (Guru) 

Jupiter is the one who has the most powerful thought. I will also teach how to align your thought process with Jupiter. Jupiter means with the highest intelligence and reward. There are certain sounds that should be used. “Nama Shivaya” is one such sound. “Saravana Bhava” is another sound. But they can be practiced in many ways. I will create something for everyone.

Jupiter in Sanskrit means Guru

Guru means the supreme teacher. The guru’s blessings are very important. If you have a good guru in your life, you do not need anything. The guru will take care of you. 

This is the ultimate teaching in Hinduism

That is why they say Guru Brahma, Gurur Vishnu, Guru Devo Maheshwaraha  Guru Sakshat ParamBrahmaTasmai Shri Guruve Namah. “Guru” is the Creator God, protector, the God. Also Shiva is the God who gives you a rest from the act of birth and death, the -liberating God. all of them, Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva are in one form, and that is the Guru.

The Guru will protect you

You do not have to go and personally meet the guru or touch his feet. All these things are not needed, but if you put the Guru in your heart, whoever that Guru can be, the Guru is also Jesus. Muhammad is also a Guru, Buddha is a Guru, and all whomsoever you can relate to. 

That Guru will take care of all the bad planets, and enhance the power of the good planets

Then that Guru can give you a great life in this lifetime and also for future lives in Heaven. 

The most auspicious planet is Jupiter. 

Jupiter’s transit is a very important one

Just observe what is happening from the 22nd onwards. Then you may see things  change dramatically. 

This is the best time for spiritual people to evolve faster.”

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Watch the Replay of Dr. Pillai’s Live Event: Receive the Golden Age Radiations of 5 Planets In Aries

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