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planets in galaxy surrounding Zodiac sign Aries

Dr. Pillai: I am delighted to do this for you. This is about a very unique configuration of planets in Aries. Most people are under the impression, (at least in the West), that astrology is a pseudo-science. To say that means that it is a superstition. 

This is not a place for me to put up a case for astrology and scientifically prove that it is not so. In India, the Supreme Court, as well as the University Grants Commission, a decade ago, approved the status of astrology as a science which is worth studying at the university level. Having said that, let me come to this configuration of the five planets in Aries.

Aries Is the First Zodiac Sign In Vedic Astrology  

That is why it is called the New Year in my Tamil tradition, and in Vedic Astrology, too. If you have had a difficult time, for the past two years or even more, you will start to see great things happening to you because of this configuration. 

Everything, whether you get a great job or a great contract, or your health all of a sudden for no reason gets better, or you get an award, this is all because of this combination of planets in Aries, which is a very rare happening. 

It Is the Beginning of the Golden Age

This is not the case for everyone, but at least for people who are able to get beyond their rational consciousness. Although Einstein stated very clearly that our problem is we have made our rational mind a servant to our intuitive mind. 

Einstein said we have made the servant the master, meaning the rational mind to decide everything; that is the problem. But from today onwards, watch what is going to happen to you in your life. Then you will know that everything in your life, even every second, is a reaction to the radiation that comes from the planets. 

Our Time Is Decided by the Planets’ Radiations

You have a very personal relationship. It is a very subtle science or super science that every second, your body, your mind, and events in life are controlled by radiation from the planets. They indicate time, and time means good time, bad time, good happenings, bad happenings, diseases, the cure of diseases – all taking place against the background of time. 

The Other Most Important thing I Want to Mention Is Jupiter Is in Aries 

This is going to happen this year. A lot of good things will happen because Jupiter is the most compassionate planet, and is associated with Shiva and Muruga. 

These are the gods who are controlling this planet, and they are very compassionate. 

For One Year, They Are Going to Be in Aries, Starting From the 22nd of This Month 

Then that will be for roughly another year. During this year, you can do a lot if you really align yourself with this planet by chanting Shiva’s mantra, ‘Nama Shivaya’ or ‘Sarahana Bhava,’ and that is the least you can do. But that can give you great results. 

Relationship problems can also be fixed during this time. It is a very significant period of time the next one year, and also the following year too. You can say at least for two years, you can completely organize yourself.

Understanding time is important. Time is nothing but the movement of planets and the radiations that come from the planets. God bless.”

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Watch the Replay of Dr. Pillai’s Live Golden Age Session

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