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Goddess Varahi, boar-head, sitting on a lotus flower

Dr. Pillai: Every Archetype has a time frame during which that Archetype becomes very powerful, kind of a ruler and it is Varahi’s time. Varahi is the Goddess with the face of a pig and the body of a female. She came into my life in a miraculous way and I have completely immersed myself in trying to understand her. 

I Have Discovered She Is a Performing Goddess

She is a performer. In some cases, she is like Shreem Brzee. In other cases, she performs in days and weeks. Sometimes months, too. Depending on what you want.

What does she do? She is an archetype for material wealth, particularly gold, and all that is under and grows on top of the Earth. All belong to her.

The Earth, this pig, and Varahi are synonymous and the design for the Earth plane is that you come here even from Heaven in order to enjoy life. It is even more pleasurable to be here on this Earth plane rather than in Heaven. That is why people from Heaven, they also come here to this Earth plane. It is not a bad place. It is a place for enjoyment. That is why we have this body of five senses. 

Then why is everybody not able to enjoy life? Because of a lack of resources due to your bad karma and the bad karma which has to be removed so that you can have the pleasures of this Earth plane. 

In Short, the Earth Plane Belongs to Varahi

She is very active now. Miracles have been happening; all these years I have not been able to get things done in a timely fashion, but it has started happening now, for which I am very happy.

According to the scriptures, the first experience that people have once they leave the body is that they really miss this Earth plane. They want to come back and it takes a long time to come back. While you are here, make it a good time here. Who is going to help you with that? That is Varahi.

Varahi is the Goddess who is going to help.

It Is Important for You to Get To Know This Goddess Called Varahi

She is a form of Lakshmi, a form of Shreem Brzee, and she is the one with whom you can establish a personal relationship by talking to her, by looking at her picture, listening to her chants; there are lot of chants available on Youtube, for Varahi. Just keep playing these chants and mantras

To call on Varahi, say ‘Va, Va.’ ‘Va, Va‘ means “come, come.”She will come and occupy you. Once she gets into your body, then everything becomes easy to manifest. The way to invite her is Varahi Va Va. 

Even to look at her image, the unconscious will relate to it and you will get her blessings. 

That Is How You Keep Her Alive in Your Consciousness

Always make a prayer to her and say, ’This is what I want.’ That is what I have been personally doing now, connecting with her.

You should have faith in her, yourself, and in the fact that you can make this place a Heaven on Earth. 

God Bless Varahi or Varahi bless everybody.”

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