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Dr. Pillai receiving blessings from Goddess Varahi

Dr. Pillai: “I am very happy to introduce Varahi particularly at this time when the entire world is going through a terrible financial crisis, never seen before in our lifetimes. The entire world and economy has been trashed. How are you going to fix it? 

The economists do not know how this can be done without a lapse of a few years. You have to really work hard even to bring the economy to a reasonable level because the damage has been so extensive because of this pandemic. 

We Need a Varahi

Varahi is a form of Lakshmi. She is also related to the Goddess of Shreem who is Mahalakshmi. When do we need the participation of these angels? We need them at these really terrible times and they are willing to come and help us. 

That is why when we are unable to solve a problem on a human level, we have to go to Gods, angels, messiahs, and gurus. That is the reason why I am doing this for you. 

Varahi Is Very Much Present and She Is the Goddess of the Earth

She is the Goddess of gold, platinum, abundance above all, the Goddess who knows the needs of people and wants to do things as quickly as possible. 

There is a chant. The chant refers to Sigram. Sigram means come on, quick, quick, quick. You have to do this quickly. Because we cannot wait. 

We need to work on the resources available on this Earth plane. She is also the ruler, and even to look at form with the boar’s head, the unconscious, what Carl Jung will call “the collective unconscious” will get activated. 

What Jung did not focus on was how to activate “the collective unconscious.” He knew. He wrote a book called Man and His Symbols and his contribution to psychology is the concept of the archetype, which belongs to the unconscious and which is global. 

It is beyond any culture and time frame. It will always be the truth and these archetypes in the unconscious will do a lot. 

We Can All Become Prosperous Through the Participation of Varahi, Who Will Perform Money Miracles

She is like another Shreem Brzee and I have also combined Shreem Brzee’s mantra with Varahi’s mantra. You will be introduced to some of the miracles that happened over a period of time when I was in India with Varahi and I have taken people to Varahi’s temple over there.

All the Kings in Ancient Times Were in Touch With Varahi to Bring Money to the Kingdom

All glory to Varahi. Let her come and occupy our consciousness, our collective unconscious, and then we will energize them. Just to hold the image of Varahi is to access her reality. My goal is to help other people have a great time on this Earth plane through manifesting whatever they want to do without having to wait for a long time. God Bless.”

Fast-Track Mastering Varahi Consciousness and Energy 

Receive powerful initiations from Dr. Pillai and discover tools and techniques to fast-track your spiritual and material growth with Varahi.

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