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Lion-faced archetype Narasimha is the 4th Avatar of Protector Archetype Vishnu. Call on him for protection and peace in your life.


lion narasimha


Dr. Pillai: “This is a picture of Narasimha. It is pronounced either Narashimha or Narasimha. Nara is human, Simha is lion, a lion-faced human. He is the Avatar of Vishnu and he came down to establish Dharma again. 

According to the Hindu Tradition, Vishnu reincarnates to establish Dharma, whenever Dharma is in danger. In this case, he is considered the 4th Avatar of Vishnu, and he came to kill a demon, Hiranyakashipu, who was doing a lot of horrible acts and there was no one to control him.

Those of you who have been following me know that I talk about archetypes.  Following the Eliadian and Jungian Models, Narasimha is one of the archetypes. They belong to the psyche and as such they belong to the sky. I do not want to go deep into explaining the relationship between the psyche which is your conscious, or your unconscious, or the collective unconscious of the human race. 

You cannot distinguish consciousness from different levels of invisible reality because there are so many layers of consciousness. The one layer that we know is only our sensory perception and also our intellect which is a 3-dimensional limitation.

These Gods and Goddesses belong to a different realm. They are there, and there are times when you can access them. Narasimha said: ‘I will come at a time which is neither day nor dark, the twilight time.’ That is the time that he would appear, because that is the time that he could kill the demon.


About The Demon Hiranyakashipu

There was this demon, Hiranyakashipu. He was against Vishnu, the protector God. By nature this demon was evil and hurting people, including the Angels. He had a boon from the Creator God, Brahma, that he would not be killed by a human being. There were many conditions that he put in. 

He initially asked for immortality, and Brahma said: ‘I will not be able to give that, but you should then ask for something else.’ He said: ‘Then I should not be killed by a human being or at a time which is neither day nor night, neither in the sky nor on the land, so he goes on asking, specifying the conditions which are really common for death to occur. He thought that he had an extensive list. He did.

In order to kill him, Vishnu, had to appear as neither a man nor an animal. Also he has to kill him at a time which is neither night nor day. The place that the death has to occur has to be neither on land nor in the sky.

What he had to do is, if you look at the picture of lion-faced Narasimha, Vishnu assumes the form of a lion-man, and then picks up this demon and puts him on his lap, and kills him with his nails, the nails of a lion. All of these details have great significance. And it is enough for you to just imagine his form. By imagining his form you can bring him into this earth plane. He is basically a protector and also establishes Dharma. 


Call On Lion-Faced Narasimha Whenever You Have Difficulties

Lion-faced Narasimha is a God and Space Being who can assume a form to kill negativity within one’s body, mind, and also outside. He can be accessed, if you want to call on him.

If you use this mantra, he will respond to it. If you are very earnest and continue this practice with faith, devotion, and persistence, then he can appear before you, too. This is a phenomenon that can happen to you.

  His Moola mantra is ‘Kshraum.’ 

~ ‘Om Kshraum Namaha’(3 x’s). 

~ ‘Om Kshraum Narasimhaya Namaha.’ 

~ ‘Om Kshraum Namaha, 

    Om Kshraum Narasimhaya Namaha’ (2 x’s)

~ ‘Om Kshraum Narasimhaya Namaha’ (11 x’s)

If you go on reciting this, the best time to do that is the twilight time, the sunset time, when it is not dark yet and there is still some light, but it is not daytime either. There is a reason why that time was chosen, because when this happens your consciousness  undergoes a change from daylight to nighttime. 

The brain itself changes and that in itself is a transition into a different state of consciousness and that is very useful to understand Divine Consciousness, or human consciousness moving into Divine Consciousness.

~ ‘Om Kshraum Narasimhaya Namaha’ (10 x’s)

 ~ ‘Kshraum’, ‘Kshraum’, ‘Kshraum,’ 

~ “Om Kshraum Narasimhaya Namaha,’ ‘Om Kshraum Narasimhaya Namaha.’ 

Those of you who are meant to listen to this, meant to be benefited, will realize and experience the power of Narasimha.

He is also the God who can fix somebody’s beauty. If you are not handsome, or beautiful, you go to Narasimha and worship him. He takes all of your karma. Look at Narasimha’s picture. He is certainly not a handsome person. This is from Agastya – he absorbs all of the bad karma that resulted in lack of beauty and then gives you beauty. 

Any God is an archetype, whether they have a monkey face, or a horse face, or a lion face. 

We are very grateful for Narasimha for helping us to remember him on this day. It means a lot to me and to everyone who is open to it, that we can benefit a lot, both spiritually and materially, through this worship.”


Invoke Divine Protector Narasimha On His Birthday Powertime

On Narasimha Jayanthi, the birthday powertime of Narasimha, Pillai Center will perform Grand Ceremonies dedicated to Narasimha that are targeted to destroy negativity, remove obstacles and adverse impact of the planets, and bless you with overall prosperity, victory, and protection.

This year, Narasimha’s birthday falls on Saturday, May 14th.

All are encouraged to join and take advantage of this auspicious powertime.





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