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Siddha Sankalpa/ Conscious Creation:

According to the Yogis, Siddha Sankalpa is the perfect thought. You manifest what you think. It is an ancient yogic practice which is now backed by science. Everything we ever had, currently have or will have in the future, is a manifestation of our thoughts.

Quantum physics calls it “the observer theory”. When you observe something, you send out waves of energy into the universe which then collapses into reality. An interesting aspect of the creation process is that it is timeless.



Timeless creation:

“The word think, and thing, are related. One is psychological, and the other is material.” – Dr.Pillai

The creation process is instantaneous. However, it is difficult for most of us to experience the timeless creation process because of our beliefs. We believe that it takes time to make a million dollars or heal a disease, and that becomes our reality.

You have to learn to detach time from your desires. An electron spins at the speed of light and to manifest at that speed, you have to place your thoughts into those electrons. When you know what you want to manifest wealth, put that thought into an electron, let it spin at the speed of light, and let go. When you start doing this, you not only change the way you think, you will also start manifesting your desires faster.

To change your life, for instantaneous healing, to change your money situation or for better relationships, you have to change the way you think. Stop the process of unconscious thinking that does not have speed or focus.

The moment you put this idea in your consciousness, the DNA will respond, the genes will respond and they will create another reality. When you identify yourself with the electron, it gives you a tremendous amount of speed and instantaneous manifestation.

You don’t have to wait for a long time to manifest anything after that.

“Simply by riding on the electron, by thinking about high speed, and the electron, you will pick up that speed. Because the rule is: “You become as you think”.” – Dr. Pillai

All of humanity has to change the way it thinks. We have the capacity to vibrate at the speed of light. When we get rid of ignorance and foolish thinking, we start conscious living. We start to manifest as we think, or, we think thoughts that we want to manifest.




‘Waiting is a waste of time’ is a great affirmation. There is no need to wait to create. When your thinking and your consciousness are in line with the ‘speed of light’, everything can be created in the NOW!

“We want to create everything in “The Now”.” – Dr. Pillai

Collective Evolution:

It takes discipline to train your thoughts and keep it that way, because the moment you step into the world, you are surrounded by people with limited consciousness. Hence, a collective evolution is the best way to take humanity forward.

Ex: 5000 people coming together and creating an energy vortex is way stronger than one person, and this is backed by research.

In Washington DC, a research study took place with the help of the State Police. A few thousand people were gathered to meditate in the capital for a few months. This led to a drop in crime rate by 25%, which is very significant.

When everyone starts to think like that, it will purify our consciousness and the environment around us. We need to come together as a community and commit to changing the thought patterns and creating a Golden Age, where we, the collective energies, dissolve the memories of slow growth.

The collective conscious thinking will then create an energy that will heat the body and turn it into light. The body cannot stand this speed and heat. The body has to give in and turn into the subtle matter, which is light.

Soul capital:

We often consider our bank accounts or our cash reserves as our capital. However, the truth is, our soul is the real capital that we possess.

There are too many people out there, who have a lot of money, but don’t know what to do with the money.  People like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Larry Ellison or Richard Branson did not have money capital.

“The only capital you have is the “Soul Capital”.” – Dr. Pillai

You have to step out of the mind and ride the soul, which is the electron.


Here’s a meditation exercise:

Take a thought and assume it is an electron, moving at the speed of light. Do you want good health? Do you want a new house? Put that thought inside the electron. You don’t have to spend a lot of time; because now, the thought and the electron are one and the same. They are already moving at the speed of light.

The mind will question if it is truly possible to manifest at that speed; it will show you poverty and pain. Through discipline and consistently reminding yourself of the electron and being with it, you can change your consciousness and start to manifest things faster or even instantaneously.

~ Dr. Pillai

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