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One can get a bit spoiled when exalted Mars in the structured Capricorn environment brings all the helpful elements for success, such as powerful structure, endless energy and strongly focused action. Until last week we were blessed with this ideal combination to jumpstart our goals for 2015.

But the scenario is changing now as Mars moves into another sign of Saturn, and this time these planets’ reciprocal enmity will be more apparent. In fact, while Saturn can control Mars in Capricorn, putting him to good work and slowing his temper down, this won’t happen in the air sign of Aquarius, where Mars may be conflicted and out of place.

So, to avoid any inconvenience from a Mars in a lower dignity, one can follow some astrological guidelines and remedies for this transit. Being ahead of the game can open this time window to connect with the masses through networking, start research studies and participate in popular sports or media events.

Here are six ways to implement right away to gain from Mars’ placement.

Connect with larger audiences. While the holiday season saw us cocooning in the company of family and close friends, now with Mars stirring the 11th natural house of social issues, the focus will shift to world affairs. Networking and staying on top of new discoveries can bring refreshing change or gains from these areas.

Take a humane stand. Anything regarding social reforms and political activism usually stems from Aquarius—and now friends and acquaintances can help you sort out these issues to help others in innovative ways. Saturn, ruler of Aquarius, is the planet of the underprivileged and menial work—Mars’ energy, although a bit forceful here, can help you in starting some fruitful activities in these areas.

Sign up for a marathon. Mars is an avid athlete and Aquarius rules crowds. Competing with large groups can test the fitness levels to the core, bringing good results for those who have been training hard and regularly.

Learn from the celestial bodies. Mars in Aquarius can provide help to those who are not satisfied with the available sciences and want to delve deeper into astronomy, astrology and engage in more advanced research. Through logic and hard work you can now master these subjects.


Open or manage a fitness center. If this is one of your highest ambitions, starting a sports center business can receive support from Mars in Aquarius. Saturn rules long-term gains from career, as well as steel equipment and machines, and Mars reigns in the world of sports.

Surrender. If none of the above ideas appeals to you and you simply want to avoid the negative consequences from this transit, asking for mercy and pacifying both Mars and Saturn are likely the best options. On Saturdays, chant OM SHANECHARAYA NAMAHA 108 times. And on Tuesdays, appeal to Mars with OM MANGALAYA NAMAHA 108 times.

Enjoy the energies!

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