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We love it when the planets support our projects, especially in January, a classical time for major goal setting. The Sun’s entrance into sidereal Capricorn, known also as Makar Sankranti, marks one of the most celebrated days in India and throughout Asia. The reason is that this luminary brings us more energy and opportunities to boost our lives as it begins its movement northward.

Since our very existence on Earth depends on the Sun, the transits of this bright celestial body seem more significant than others. By increasing our awareness of the Sun and its influence on our physiology and our conscious mind (and left brain), we can easily raise our consciousness. And Dr. Pillai teaches that consciousness is our greatest asset.

The Sun represents our soul. Thus, attaining a higher consciousness can help us align our goals with our true selves, or soul destiny.

So, below you will find five easy ways to strengthen your conscious mind, bring the success you desire into your life, and increase your vitality during this monthly transit.

Offer water. On the morning of January 14, after taking a shower, fill a glass with water and go outside. Either mentally or aloud, chant the Gayatri mantra to honor the Sun, while pouring water on the ground three times. If you are not familiar with this traditional chant, you can download it and listen to the sound waves as you pour the water. Or as an alternative, you can recite OM SURYAYA NAMAHA. It will be powerful for you to repeat these steps every Sunday.

Give traditional offerings. Flowers, fruits, incense and ghee lamps are very pleasing to divine beings, and the planets are no exception. Because the celestial bodies have both an anthropomorphic form and a subtle body, it is important to offer these items with love and devotion. Ask the Sun for influence in your work, for a strong immune system and for power. You can also ask this luminary for any favors from the government or VIPs and for your overall success in life.

Bathe in light. If the weather allows it, go outside early in the morning without wearing sunglasses or a hat. Feel the beneficial sunrays on your skin and scalp. Without gazing directly at the luminous sphere, allow your eyes to absorb the healing rays. Doing so will also prevent depression according to innumerable studies.

Time for detox. The entry of the Sun in Capricorn marks the first day of spring in some countries in Asia, but it also makes for a perfect time to increase awareness of our diets and energy levels. After consulting with your physician, you may want to eat lighter and fresher foods (preferably organic) with an increased focus on vegetables and fruit.

meditate more

Sleep less and meditate more. As the light increases in our northern hemisphere, rising early and taking a few minutes to meditate in the morning can do wonders for our overall wellbeing. In fact, according to Ayurveda (the traditional healing system of India) spring brings an excess of cold and moisture (or Kapha) in the physiology that can lead to allergies, a foggy-mind syndrome and weight gain. Reduced sleep and a sharper focus—symbolized by the Sun’s purifying properties and its effects on our awareness during meditation—can restore lost energy, increase vitality and banish lethargy. During meditation keep your focus on the pineal gland (or third eye) in the middle of the brain to increase awareness and raise your consciousness.

Happy Makar Sankranti and enjoy the energies!

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